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Paul Clement On Swansea City Defeat, Modou Barrow And His Future

The manager’s post-match reaction to another loss on the road.

Reading v Ipswich Town - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

It was an unhappy return for Paul Clement to the Liberty Stadium after the Royals travelled over to Wales to face Swansea and came home pointless. The Swans took the lead through Oli Mcburnie shortly before half time after Andy Yiadom gave away a needless penalty, and the home player doubled his tally just six minutes before the end of the game leaving the Royals 22nd in Championship.

Pressure is really rising on Clement now with just three victories all season. He spoke to the official club website and GetReading after the game.

Clement on our disallowed goal

“I’m not saying we deserved to lead, but we should have been 1-0 up; I’ve seen it back and it wasn’t offside.

“When it’s flicked on by John O’Shea, as a minimum Martin Olsson, who went short to the corner, is playing Sam Baldock on before he put it in. It’s the wrong decision - and a goal can give you that confidence to go on and play better.”

Clement on the performance

“I got the message over to the players that we can’t feel sorry for ourselves... telling them to go out and try to play better in the second half. And we did play better after the break.

“But at half-time we needed to change something because we weren’t playing well enough. In the second half we played really well for long periods and created really good chances, and deserved to get back into the game.

“We had 14 chances, which away from home is a good tally, but then when we’re pushing with more players and with the fatigue setting in, you get hit on the counter and it ends up 2-0. It’s hard for us to get back into it at that point.

“I was pleased with the performance in the second half. I wasn’t in the first and the players weren’t either. I had to do something to try and help them, and we were much better in the second half.”

Clement on our league position

“I’m not happy, the players aren’t happy and the fans aren’t happy with the results and our position in the league. No-one is more disappointed than me.

“So we’ve got to try and get results and we’re going to continue to roll our sleeves up and fight.”

Clement on turning results around

“This league is an absolutely marathon - you’ve got to grind every game and show resilience. I haven’t worked 20-odd years of my career to get a fantastic job like this and to give up and walk away - absolutely not.

“A lot of hard work has gone in personally to get in these kinds of positions. I’m going to continue to work at it and show the players that in difficult times you’ve got to be determined and show character in hard times - not just give up.”

Clement on the character of the team

“I don’t think the players are not trying, As soon as I feel there’s anything like that then it’s time to go.

“I don’t feel like that - the players are trying but they are suffering from confidence. It’s taken its toll on them this season and also take its toll from the back end of last season. So we’ve got to work through this.”

Clement on his future

“I know as manager I have to get results and I haven’t been recently. I work closely with sporting director Gianluca Nani on the sporting side of things - very close since he’s been in and he has been extremely supportive.

“I’ve always felt the club has been supportive of me and they want me and the players to do well. But it’s also out of my hands.

“I don’t go home worrying about that. I worry more about whether I get the team selection right, the tactics and working with the players, as well as I can be.

“They are the things in my control but if I start thinking the other way then I won’t be doing my job anywhere near the level I can. But it’s down to the club to make those decisions and they might get to a point where they say that’s it and we have to change something.

“It’s not happy at the moment so on with business.”

Clement on Mo Barrow

“I don’t think it was right (to select him) for this game but I think we are close to find a solution and I hope we do. I am confident we will very shortly.

“I’d prefer not to go through the details of what happened - it’s an in-house matter. We’re close to finding a solution and I hope we do because Mo is a good player and he can help this team and I want him to do that.

“But in the bigger picture I have to think beyond individuals and about the team. That’s what I have done in this situation.

“I also understand when you don’t get results you open yourselves up to criticism in a wide range of areas so it’s normal I’m getting these questions. It’s part and parcel of the job.”