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QPR Fans Verdict: Royals Fall To Yet Another Home Defeat

How the fans reacted to Reading’s fifth home league loss of the season.

Reading v Crystal Palace - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

What a shambles. A performance void of any conviction, quality or tempo sentenced the Royals to their fifth home defeat out of six in the league this campaign. After the last two results and performances against Hull City and Brentford, it really did feel like Reading were on their way to turning a corner, but now they’re right back to square one.

Here are the three main talking points from Tuesday’s game and how the fans reacted on Twitter...

Starting Eleven

Paul Clement has become known for shaking things up. I praised him a couple of games ago for his selection against Hull in the 3-0 win, but against QPR he got it all wrong.

John Swift must be wondering what on earth he did wrong to be dropped to the bench after a standout performance against Brentford, and how many more chances will Aluko get to show that he’s worth even a fraction of his reported £7.5 million fee?

It was a confusing selection to say the least, and certainly had the fans talking after the game...

The ‘Defending’

I use that term lightly. It was a horror show at the back on Tuesday, and it has been for the majority of the season. But against QPR, it was a whole different world of bad. We were all over the shop all night and it was topped off by 30 seconds of comical defending that ended with Leistner sealing the win for QPR.

It needs to be sorted out or else we are in serious trouble. You cannot defend like that, especially at home against the teams in and around us at the bottom. Here’s what the Reading fans had to say about it...

Paul Clement’s future

Yet again, the future of the manager was called into question. It seems as though fans are really starting to run out of patience. Nine points from 11 games is relegation form, no doubt about that, and the next two or three games are absolutely huge for Clement.

I’ve said previously that I think the problems at this club lie much higher than Clement (*cough Ron Gourlay cough*) and everybody at the club needs to take a long hard look at themselves. But there is a growing proportion of the fanbase that feel Clement’s time is up in Berkshire...


It’s looking very bleak for Reading at the moment. We thought last season was bad, but it could be a whole lot worse this campaign if things don’t turn around sharpish. We look rid of any confidence or gut and it’s painful to be in the stands when your club is performing like this - I’m sure you will all agree.

Next up, recently relegated and promotion favourites West Brom...