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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 178: Christmas Special & 2018 End Of Year Awards

It’s time to hand out some gongs!

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Player of the year... Golden Moment... Underachiever... Some awards were easier to hand out than others this year and The Tilehurst End podcast draws 2018 to a close with our usual Christmas festivities down the Hope Tap in Reading.

Pubchat in a pub saw Marc Mayo, Olly Allen, Simeon ‘BucksRoyal’ Pickup, Matt ‘PannasAndNutmegs’ Lawrence, and Jack Simpson hand out the end of year awards with eight prestigious (to varying degrees) honours up for grabs.

The crew also take a look through the past couple of weeks of match action as the Scott Marshall caretaker period appears set to end with Jose Gomes reportedly ready to step into the Mad Stad hotseat any time now.

As ever, a huge thank you to all who have listened to the podcast this year. We only put in the hours because of those willing to hear what we have to say. And, of course, our Patreon patrons deserve a massive thank you for providing us with some funds to, for example, invest in equipment to bring a higher quality sound for you all.

The Tilehurst End Podcast can be taken in via PodBean, YouTube or iTunes. Furthermore, thanks to all listeners who continue to pledge to our Patreon campaign.

Listeners can always get in touch with the podcast via our Twitter and Facebook pages as well as our email,, with thoughts on the show, opinions on the team, and potential topics to sink our teeth into always welcome.

Download the podcast here.

Show Order

Scott Marshall Caretaker Spell Recap - 02:00

End Of Year Awards - 25:21

Xmas Period Preview - 1:15:41