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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 155: Defending Is For Wimps

It’s a case one or the other: score goals or keep clean sheets. We can’t do both.

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There was something different about Reading throughout this past week but sadly results stayed more or less the same.

With less posssession and more chances, but worse defending and more poor game management, the Royals’ home draws versus Bolton and Leeds are the focus of The Tilehurst End podcast this week, hosted by Marc Mayo with Simeon ‘BucksRoyal’ Pickup his guest.

After recapping the match actio, Newsbites scours the stories around the club you may have missed before we open up the Mailbag. Rounding us off is a look at two interesting away games in the days ahead, versus Wolves and Norwich.

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Next week, we’ll be down at the STAR Hall of Fame unveiling so give us a shout and come say hi if you’re also going!

Show Order

Bolton & Leeds Recap - 02:28

Newsbites - 17:57

Mailbag - 23:27

Wolves & Norwich Preview - 34:49