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Reading FC Easter 2018 Approval Ratings: The Results

Our poll results aint pretty reading for the Dutchman.

Marc Mayo

Reading fans were decisive in their rating of Jaap Stam and the Chinese ownership over the Easter international break, backing those in charge of the club while showing their discontent with the sacked coach.

From a sample size of over 200 fans that voted in TTE’s polls, a whopping 103 people gave Stam the lowest mark possible. That led to an average of 1.8/5, by far the lowest ever seen in our approval rating surveys.

As for the owners, the final mark of 2.92/5 puts them slightly above average and cannot be considered bad for a club in the position it is in.

The Thais’ best of 3.76 in October 2015 wasn’t maintained throughout their tenure although they did leave on a goodwill score of 3.49 last July. The fact that has dropped only half a point, despite some poor transfer dealings and the team falling over 15 places in the table, shows the fans’ relative contentment with the wider picture and investment being provided from the top.

Historic Manager Approval Ratings:

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Historic Owner Approval Ratings:

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