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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 161: 2017/18 Season Review

Reviewing what went wrong, what went only a little wrong, and what went really wrong during the campaign.

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It was a season that drifted from one version of mediocrity to another but at the very least it didn’t cost Reading their Championship status.

Rounding up the 2017/18 campaign with a look across what signs we missed in pre-season, the key turning points, the false revivals and more, are Marc Mayo and Simeon ‘BucksRoyal’ Pickup, in episode 161 of The Tilehurst End Podcast.

A huge thank you to all who continue to listen to the show amid some poor football and a change of presenter this season. We’ll endeavour to be back in one form or another come the 2018/19 push for promotion. Cmon Urz!

As always The Tilehurst End Podcast can be taken in via PodBean, YouTube or iTunes. Furthermore, thanks to all listeners who continue to pledge to our Patreon campaign.

Show Order

Season Recap - 02:03

Pubchat - 14:30

Mailbag - 18:00

Any Other Business - 40:40