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We Want Your Feedback On TTE

It’s questionnaire time.

You may remember that, a few months ago, we asked for your feedback on the TTE Podcast - now, we’d love it if you did the same thing for here, the written site. We’re always looking to learn, always looking to grow, and of course we want to make a site that you - Reading fans and loyal TTE readers - want to look at.

Is there something you think we can do better? Something that you absolutely love and hope we never get rid of? We won’t know unless you tell us. To that end, we’ve put together a brief questionnaire - it only takes a few minutes (Survey Monkey estimates four minutes), but helps us out massively.

It’s completely anonymous, so we’d love it if you’re honest and frank about what you see on the site, and the more detail you give us the better. There are spaces throughout for general comments, particularly at the end, but generally it’s an easy, straightforward set of tick boxes.

Cheers for taking the time!