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View From The Town End: David Meyler

The Hull view on what Reading’s new signing will bring.

Manchester City v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Reading continued their fast start to the summer transfer window on Tuesday with the signing of David Meyler on a free - the midfielder is due to join from Hull City at the start of next month after his current contract expires.

To get a closer look at the Irishman’s strengths and weaknesses, we spoke to Andy Dalton, editor of Tigers blog Amber Nectar Hull. Thanks to Andy for talking to us about Meyler, and be sure to give them a follow on Twitter @AmberNectarHull

How would you sum up David Meyler’s time at Hull City?

He leaves with a set of accomplishments few have ever equalled at the club. Promotions, a cup final, Europe, the mainstay of a midfield that played in the Premier League, while representing his country dozens of times – he’s been fantastic.

Are you sad to see him leave?

Very. And not just in the exaggerated way that too many grown men sometimes exclaim “gutted” when, for example, dealing with life’s lesser misfortunes such as dropping a slice of toast or being stopped by a red light. But genuinely saddened. He’s been here for so long, done so much…

What are his main qualities on the pitch?

Courage. Loads of it. And not just physical courage either (though he isn’t lacking). He always wants the ball, even when he’s playing poorly, he always wants to be involved, and he sets a great example.

He’s got this weird knack of always being somewhere that makes it harder for an opposing team to reach your defence. Whether it’s some unteachable intuition or the product of a keen footballing brain I’m not sure, but he doesn’t half get in the way.

Any weaknesses?

Well…his passing can be a bit dodgy – and even when it’s on target he has this puzzling ability to make it hard to control. He isn’t very fast either. I’m not selling him, am I? There aren’t many players quite like him.

What’s his character like?

He’s one of the good guys. Not “seems like one of them”… he is. He engaged more with City fans (via his highly likable Twitter account) than the club themselves have done in years, he devotes huge periods of time to computer games (which is cherishably sweet – and far better than doing annoying laddy things) and is a responsible, experienced character in the dressing room.

On the whole, is he a good signing for Reading?

Yes. I’m sad, and jealous. Bastards.