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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 162: Here We Go Again

Marc, Westy and Ben preview the 2018/19 season.

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The only way is up, some might say, after a disappointing campaign last time out but the fact of the matter for Reading FC heading into 2018/19 is that there really is a way to go down.

If the mood 12 months ago was doomed optimism, pessimism reigns supreme as The Tilehurst End podcast returns under host Marc Mayo, this week accompanied by Alan ‘Westy’ West and Ben Greenwood.

From pre-season friendlies to transfer incomings and outgoings, your thoughts and questions to the opener against Derby, Episode 162 features all you need to know ahead of the big kick-off.

As always The Tilehurst End Podcast can be taken in via PodBean, YouTube or iTunes. Furthermore, thanks to all listeners who continue to pledge to our Patreon campaign.

Show Order

Pre-Season Recap - 02:44

Newsbites: Transfers So Far - 07:46

Mailbag - 19:30

Derby Preview - 41:05