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Club 1871 Launches Fundraiser For South Stand

Your chance to get involved in the attempt to improve the Mad Stad atmosphere.

Reading v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

The guys over at Club 1871 have launched a fundraiser to help inject some life into the Madejski Stadium atmosphere. The group, which is behind the South Stand singing section that debuted towards the end of last season, wants that stand decked out in flags and banners that proudly display the identity and heritage of the club.

As they put on their Go Fund Me page:

“One of the things that most will agree is that the Madejski could do with some flags and banners, celebrating our history and present. We want to be able to put on displays for Reading legends, and celebrate the players in our current squad.

“As a fan group, we rely on our fellow fans to help us make this happen. While we have plan for decorating the South Stand, and a funding goal that matches those ambitions, anything we receive beyond that will be used to spread our displays to neighbouring stands.

“The ultimate goal would be able to have huge displays for our biggest games in all 4 stands. We really appreciate anything you can donate.”

Club 1871’s logo
Club 1871

The biggest target is a huge flag (about 13x7m) that will have the group’s logo on it and be put at the front of the stand in front of the singing section itself. That said, there’ll also be smaller flags that can be hung around the South Stand.

All in all, it’s a great way of giving the Mad Stad some character. A common criticism - both from home and away fans - is that our home ground is a soulless bowl.

This solves that problem.

Reading have a long, proud history and it would be great to put that properly on show at the Mad Stad with some banners of, for example, Robin Friday. By funding this through the fanbase, we ensure that this is all a supporter-driven project.

Club 1871 and TTE would be very grateful for any donation you make. You can go to their donation page right here for more info.

Got any questions about the fundraiser or anything else South Stand-related? They’re on Twitter @Club1871 and Facebook too.

Meanwhile, you can read more on TTE below about:

And here’s a bonus TTE Podcast listen where Sam Stevenson from Club 1871 explains all in a Q+A.