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Wanted: An ‘Instant Report’ Writer For Reading Matches

An exciting feature for a budding football writer.

At The Tilehurst End, we’re always looking to expand our coverage of Reading matches. To do that this season, there’s a feature we used to run that we’d like to bring back - an Instant Report for every game. Although we’ll continue our regular, more analysis-focused match reports to give you all a more in-depth look at how games unfolded, we also want a short, snappy summary of games right after they finish.

For an idea of what we’re after, here’s an example from last season:

In other words, a few hundred words summarising how the match went - ready to be published within half an hour of full time.

This would be a great opportunity for any budding football writers out there who want experience of regularly writing match reports. However, if you’re keen, you’ll have to be available at a computer in real time for pretty much every game (home and away, league and cup). Therefore, this will probably best suit long-distance fans who can’t go to matches very often but still keep up with how they unfold.

Prior experience of football writing is an advantage but not necessarily required. What we do need is an enthusiastic writer with a great knowledge of Reading FC. In return, besides getting a great addition to your CV, you get the opportunity and creative license to make this feature your own (within reason).

Interested or just want some more info? Drop us an email: