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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 163: Will Derby Defeat Push Reading Into Deadline Day Deals?

Marc, Handbags and Jonny discuss the opening weekend.

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It was a new season but the same old story in terms of the result. Reading’s opening day defeat to Derby had many reducing what little optimism they had going into the new campaign and The Tilehurst End podcast gets into the why and how of Friday’s game.

Marc Mayo is joined by Jonny Williams and Dave ‘Handbags’ Harris to review the 2-1 loss before previewing how the Royals might fare on deadline day. There are also your questions in the mailbag, a look at how the other Reading teams begin their season, and a quick look ahead to the weekend game at Nottingham Forest.

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Show Order

Derby Recap - 02:04

Newsbites: Deadline day - 17:34

Mailbag - 28:42

Forest Preview - 46:08