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Quick Takes: Bowen’s Barmy Army Steals A Point

The unbeaten era goes on! 

The Brian McDermott Appreciation Player of the Game

Ejaria was everywhere tonight. Absolutely everywhere. Had a key pass for the Royals’ first goal and just dominated the middle of the park throughout, winning his aerial battles and the majority of his 50-50s.

Special mention to Yiadom who was a constant threat going forward but also made some crucial tackles to make sure Rangers didn’t gather any steady momentum throughout the game.

Key plays

That early Baldock miss. The moment probably got to him given his long stint out of the side, just required slotting home for the early lead.

Miazga was lucky to stay on the pitch after 22nd minute after a stray hand to the face of Rangel. Would have instantly put Reading on the back-foot the rest of the way.

He then instantly made a goal-line block in the 23rd minute seconds before Yiadom looked to handle the ball to prevent a goal. No penalty.

28th minute. Puscas, not for the first time, tried too much and lost possession which led to the opening QPR goal seconds later after a sweet finish from Wells.

...Then, instant redemption. Puscas slotted home with a tidy finish in behind the last man after a beautiful through ball from Ejaria.

Early second half Rangers stole the lead backwith a fairly standard long ball, 1-2 link up and a deflected shot past Rafael. Beaten by Route 1.

74th minute and just like that, Baldock was back on the scoresheet. Ball to the far post where Yiadom heads across goal for Baldock to tap it in. Game on at the Loft, and you started to feel there was a real buzz around this team again...

Yiadom made a crucial block in the last minute from another route 1 pass as the final whistle brought to an end a massively entertaining game, something we might be able to start getting used to...

Other notes

Mark Bowen confessed the bug going around the dressing room came from him, leading the comms to utter the glorious line of “we hope he brings more to the team than just disease...”

Amazing noise throughout from the Royals faithful who made the short trip to West London. Try telling them the season’s over.

Jose Gomes played the role of studio analyst for Sky Sports, and, as always, was nothing short of pure class and charisma.

Baldock and Puscas 1-2 punch could be the answer to a lack of creativity up front. Watch this space.

Garath McCleary looks to be a key part of Bowen’s plans going forward. Hope he stays healthy as we all know what he can offer on his day.

Ejaria. Is. Great. Really, really great.

So...Is it time to start dreaming..?