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Nottingham Forest Fans Verdict: Fans Left Angered at Postponement

Reading’s game with Forest was called off at around midday on Saturday with hundreds of Loyal Royals having already made the trip up to the East Midlands.

Well that was fun wasn’t it. A long trip up to Nottingham - for most - all for the game to be called off for a waterlogged pitch at around midday, leaving a lot of fans who had travelled either stranded in Nottingham for a few hours or having to make the exact same journey they had just made.

A lot of fans were left angered and bemused at how - in this day and age - a game in the second tier of English football can be called off for a waterlogged pitch. On the face of it, that seems like a plausible thing to be angered at, but take into account the fact that the City Ground is right on the bank of an already flooded River Trent and you can get some sort of explanation for the waterlogged pitch.

That doesn’t make fans any less frustrated; I’m sure every fan was eager and excited to watch Mark Bowen’s team play again after the last two positive results - a win against Preston and a point away at QPR, both very good results indeed.

But now we have to wait another week before Millwall come to the Mad Stad on Saturday afternoon to try and continue the upturn in form and performances in the last few weeks - which is certainly a good opportunity to do so.

But, as I said, the fans were frustrated and angered that Saturday’s game was called off - and rightly so. However, a few fans did take the opportunity to see the more light-hearted side and take a few digs at Nottingham Forest - the word tinpot was flown about quite a lot. Here’s the best of the fans reactions to the news on Twitter...


So, a shorter fans verdict than usual, for obvious reasons. I wish I was talking about how we’ve sealed another positive result under Bowen, but evidently Mother Nature had other ideas...

In serious terms though - the players will be just as gutted as the fans as when you are on a decent little run, confidence builds and you just want to keep playing and playing, so a weekend without a game will have annoyed the players - but hopefully not knocked them off their stride too much.

Two very winnable home games coming up next now with Millwall and Luton Town the next two visitors to Berkshire, so hopefully the lads can crack on and get us something to cheer about.