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Quick Takes: Nothing To Be Ashamed Of...

Absolutely nothing.

Reading v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Brian McDermott Appreciation Player of the Game

Andy Rinomhota, such a solid job tonight. The midfield trio actually all had a huge role to play. Andy goes unnoticed more often than not but he connects the play beautifully and has such an imperative role at the back that would almost only be noticed if he was missing. Well done boy.

Key Plays

4’ - Yak breaks down the right (god sometimes you forget how POWERFUL this man is!) and feeds the ball towards Puscas but just a yard too far out of reach. Good rebound after some early Leeds pressure.

27’ - Ovie did an Ovie and twisted the defenders to the ball was a bit of a hit and hope. Clearance. This cagey affair goes on...

39’ - Reading still in this, could you ask for much more...?

40’ - Corner whipped in by Swifty and Yak on the end of it with POWER, right at the keeper...

45’ - Half time, Leeds dominated possession. Half was fairly take that though...Also for a midweek game, big up the 1871!

46’ - Early attack from Leeds, amounts to toke that though...

57’ - Leeds chance, Bamford, sort of, meh, but not really.... sums up the game so far.

You take that though? Against this side? You take that...


67’ - Free-kick, scramble!!!! Morrison over the bar! Phillips with the block. “Leeds Local Saves Day”.

...Weird playoff feel here... Remember Fulham?

87’ - Swift free-kick, blocked, Leeds break, Down the wing...whipped in a cross, Harrison on the end of it... heartbreaker.

Absolute. Heartbreaker.

Full-time’ - Brutal.

Other notes

Would love to know how much the Premier League (and Liverpool) values Ovie at this point...because about the Bargain Bucket.

Puscas losing the ball in our own half, looking lacklustre up front. Does this guy genuinely want to be here anymore...? So much potential, so sad to see. Remember Cardiff...

That broke my heart.

This team has so much fight. Do you give Bowen the extension now...?

That was nothing to be ashamed of.