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View From The Town End: Blackburn Rovers

How do the opposition see Wednesday night’s game panning out?

Brentford v Blackburn Rovers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Reading return to the Madejski Stadium on Wednesday evening as they host mid-table Blackburn Rovers, who the Royals let a two goal lead slip against back in August.

Ahead of the game, we got the thoughts of Rovers fan Mike Delap.

How’s the season gone for you so far?

Pretty well all things considered. We’re unlikely to trouble anyone at the top end of the table but I get the sense this season was/is all about consolidation.

It’s our first season back in the Championship after promotion last time out and we’ve done well.

We win some, we lose some, but we’ve done more than enough to keep our heads up above the dreaded relegation water to date.

What are the main strengths in this Blackburn side?

Purpose, spirit and togetherness. It sounds like a cheesy throw away line from a middle management meeting but that’s it.

This lot aren’t the best side in the division but sometimes we win because they all pull in the same direction, with the same aggression and desire even if they’re not having the best of days.

Oh and Bradley Dack.

And its weaknesses?

We see it more away from home than back at base but there’s still a brittleness in defence when things aren’t quite going our way or we take a blow.

It’s held us back from truly excelling this season but we’re still capable of chucking the odd proverbial tantrum and shipping a few goals. See away defeats to Preston, Wigan and Brentford for recent evidence.

Any particularly good or bad memories of games against Reading in the past?

Good - David Bentley’s screamer at the Madejski back when he was a footballer and a very fine one at that. I really enjoyed the 3-3 season ending Ewood game and also our 4-2 win with another screamer from Tugay.

Bad - our horribly turgid 1-0 surrender under Paul “it’s not my fault it’s everyone else’s” Lambert a few seasons back. Benni McCarthy scoring THREE offside goals in one game at the Madejski.

What have you made of Reading this season?

You’ve had a rough run haven’t you? It appears like you’ve not had a lot of fun and you’ve some trouble to dig yourselves out of.

It does help you that you seemed to have signed 46 new players in January mind.

Our game at Ewood earlier in the season was a strange one too. You undeservedly went 1-0 up, then excellent and went 2-0 up (deservedly) and we stormed back to 2-2 and should have won by the end. Tremendous fun though!

How do you see the game going, and what will the score be?

I suspect we’re in for a tight one. I’m suspecting possibly another draw here.

Then maybe we can all shake hands and hug after? It would be nice to set a good example to the Everton fans trailblazing the country getting into fights at the very least.