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Jose Gomes Praises Team Spirit In Vital Blackburn Win

But he was less positive about a first-half performance in which Reading didn’t stick to their usual style.

What a fantastic win it was for the Royals on Wednesday night to take them out of the relegation zone and build confidence with a 2-1 victory against Blackburn at the Madejski Stadium! Now unbeaten in four, and a big three points has definitely put us in the driving seat. With Nelson Oliveira scoring late on to secure the points, our fight against relegation looks more likely to end in success.

Here is what Jose Gomes had to say after the game; he spoke to the official club website and Football.London.

Gomes on three points

”It’s an important step, but it’s just one step. We have a long way in front of us and a lot of steps to make. So I’m happy. But I have my feet on the ground. I’m not dreaming.”

Gomes on the players

”I am very happy especially for my players. Also for Reading and our situation, and the position we’re at in the table. But my players – they have been working very, very well. And very hard. They accept all of the training proposals that we give them, and the very hard things that they must do.

”Sometimes I can understand why they start playing like we did in the first half today – making wrong decisions and losing the ball. It’s because I demand a lot from them... to play at a very high level, with quality, out from the back. It’s because I believe that this is the way, and we showed in the second half that when we play together under our process, it is possible to create goal situations this way.

”It is a very important three points for the situation that we’re in. And it’s the first time this season that Reading have collected points in four consecutive games. So it means that we on the right track.”

Gomes on the fans and team spirit

”Our fans came to support the players tonight. You felt throughout the game that they were here to help. And another important thing was the team spirit, from the beginning. Even when we weren’t playing well, we had a very strong spirit.

”When you play like a team, with good people, it is easier to collect points. That is why we’re happy. In the end, we felt in the changing room that it was a result of the work we have been doing and the result of being a strong team.

”Sometimes you play well, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you make the right decisions and sometimes the wrong ones. But when you play like a team, everything gets easier.”

Gomes on Oliveira’s performance

“The three points were important for a lot of reasons. Firstly, for the three points and our position in the table. Second, it’s the first time this season we’ve collected points from four games in a row and thirdly the courage Nelson showed.

“In the previous match he wanted to play but the doctor didn’t give him permission. He couldn’t be on the pitch after the difficult operation when he broke his nose in four different places

“But he insisted on playing and that shows he really wants to help the team. Everybody saw what his face was like but in the short period of time he was pushing the other guys and giving them strong motivation. We have three points in our pocket and it’s a result of the work they have been doing. The players deserved the three points but the way is to keep working.”

Gomes on what the team needs to avoid relegation

“The team needs to play like we have been playing. If you look at the last six games, we have lost just one game. We just need to keep this spirit and sometimes if the opponent gives us space to play, we will play our game.

“If it’s not possible to play well, we need to be intelligent and collect the maximum points that we can. That’s what we have been doing. In the last six games, we’ve lost just one. I think that’s a good thing for the future.

“Regarding our style, in the second half we played more under our process. In the first half we didn’t. In the second half, playing more under our process, we created more goal situations so that means this is the way but sometimes it’s not possible because we are not playing alone and also the opponent can stop some things.

“But the way that the players fight and move and tried, especially in the second half, showed to themselves that it is possible to collect three points in each game if they play like that.”

Gomes on being under pressure after previous results

“Maybe, but if the players felt more pressure it was a mistake because we cannot control what happened in the other pitches, we can just control what we are doing, the way that we are training and what we do during the game.

“If we lose our energy trying to understand what happens in other stadiums and other teams, even if we are talking about direct opponents, we are losing energy with things that you cannot control. Our focus must be 100 per cent in the things that we can control.”

Gomes on injuries

“McCleary is not injured, that was just my option. Andy (Rinomhota) was injured in the previous game, he twisted his ankle. We will see tomorrow how he is.”