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Sheffield United 4-0 Reading: Player Ratings

Vote for your man of the match in this performance.

Sheffield United v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Emiliano Martinez: 5

A mixed game for the Reading stopper. He didn’t do Kelly any favours with a poor pass for the second goal, but he made some smart stops especially in the second half to keep the scoreline down. Possibly could have done better for the first three goals but there was little he could do with a wicked deflection for the fourth.

Andy Yiadom: 3

Potentially one of the worst games I have seen him play. Offered little moving forward, got ripped apart by the Blades and was caught out for the third goal when he left the wing wide open. In his defence he was given little or no protection from Meite, but given the standards he has set himself this season, this is a massive disappointment.

Matt Miazga: 4

Like all the defenders he can’t concede four goals and expect to get a decent mark. Was a little caught out for the first goal and wasn’t anywhere near as dominant as he has been in recent games. I do have a little sympathy for both Miazga and Moore as they were left completely exposed by the team today.

Liam Moore: 4

Tried to do a captain’s innings and galvanise the troops but to little effect. As with Miazga he was left open by the midfield especially, and was a little unsteady in the face of some excellent play by Sheffield. Give him credit though, he came out after the game and apologised for the performance.

Omar Richards: 3

If I were Blackett I’d be seething had I been dropped for this game. I do believe that Richards will be an excellent fullback, but this game passed him by. Sloppy in possession and didn’t give Moore the cover he should have, and far too easy to get past. Blackett surely has to come back into left back for Rotherham game.

Lewis Baker: 3

Quandary. I don’t know what his best position is, today he offered nothing defensively and created next to noting. The Sheffield United midfield walked straight through him and he failed to stamp any form of control over the game. Very poor and if he was meant to be the defensive midfielder then he left Moore and Miazga with no screen at all.

Liam Kelly: 3

Oh what has happened to him? From once upon a time being the saviour of the team and having a squad built around him, to now being far too lightweight and lost. Got an early knock which didn’t help, and a suicidal pass from Martinez for the second goal, both of which helped get the fans on his back, but he looks too lightweight in midfield and was easily pushed off the ball for the second Goal. Came off injured after 19 minutes.

Ovie Ejaria: 3

I haven’t been overly impressed with the Liverpool youngster - he has had moments of brilliance but not in this game. Played in central midfield this time and exerted no control and was not really noticeable, lacking a creative spark and giving nothing in defence to the centre backs. Got a kick and came off injured at half time.

Yakou Meite: 3

In the first half he might as well have gone and sat in the dugout for all he contributed. Second half marginally better, with a couple of good runs, but on the whole ineffective with a poor end product. His biggest contribution was heading the ball from Martinez’ goal-kicks and even then wasn’t hugely successful with setting anything up. Poor, really poor.

Modou Barrow: 3

Well if it was a case of Meite being poor, Barrow said if you think that’s a poor display, hold my beer. A shocking performance by what is meant to be our creative spark. In the first half he looked like he couldn’t be bothered, second half even worse. When he did run past someone there was zero end product. I can’t for the life of me remember a player going so far off the boil as quick as he has done.

Nelson Oliveira: 6

The only creative spark, but if he’s creating who’s on the end of it? The service to him was awful and he did get visibly frustrated with his team mates when they picked the wrong option. Lots of passion though, he’s far too good for this side.


John Swift: 5

Surprisingly left out of the side after a goal and an assist on Wednesday, but once he was on the pitch for Kelly he did make the side look a bit stronger. Tried to create something but was a little sloppy and got caught in possession a couple of times - played a deeper role and wasn’t as effective as he has been in previous games.

Jon Dadi Bodvarsson: 4

He tried, he ran around a lot and gave Oliveira the support he was crying out for but again lack of service hampered him.

Garath McCleary: 3

Didn’t offer a huge amount but was a bit more direct on the wing. Got frustrated when Richards didn’t see him for an easy pass. In the 15 minutes on the pitch he was probably more effective than Barrow for the whole game.

Average: 3.71/10

Who was your man of the match? Yes, we really need one. Vote for them here, or through this link.

Who was your man of the match against Sheffield United?
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