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Jose Gomes Angry After Heavy Sheffield United Defeat

The manager’s frank assessment after Reading fall to a 4-0 loss at Bramall Lane.

It was a disappointing afternoon for the Royals at the hands of promotion-chasing Sheffield United after a 4-0 defeat at Bramall Lane. The Blades took the lead within the first minute, and were on top all afternoon, never giving Reading a sniff.

It was always going to be a difficult game, and it’s not going to be a result that solely sends us down. The next three games are hugely important in the bid for survival in the Championship. Rotherham United’s 2-2 draw against Sheffield Wednesday keeps us out of the relegation zone on goal difference.

Here is what Jose Gomes had to say about the defeat; he spoke to the official club website and Football.London.

Gomes on the performance

“We conceded in the first minute and that makes things more difficult - we started the game in a losing position. It’s a difficult stadium and a good team, who showed why they are fighting for a different target.

“I didn’t like what we did today and the way that we played. The difference between the teams wasn’t as big as the score, but they fought more than us and they deserved to win.

“I was angry at half-time. Nobody likes to lose, or to concede goals, of course – but I didn’t like the way we were playing. When we show good things in training but don’t put them onto the pitch, I don’t like that.”

Gomes on picking ourselves up

“This is an intense league. We don’t have time to cry. We have to look in the mirror, find what we have to improve in ourselves, and be better in the next match. I said it when we won, as well. Whatever the result, there is no time to cry or to celebrate. We have to recover and prepare for the next game.

“Our win on Wednesday is in the past, our defeat today is in the past. We cannot change the results. But what we can change is the way that we play. In the next match, we must show that we can play and we must fight for the points in a different way.”

Gomes on not conceding in the final half hour

“We tried to score and reduce the deficit but it was a very difficult game. We tried a different thing in the second half and the referee didn’t see a foul on Baker when a player jumped on his back.

“And they shot from outside the area and it touched Miazga so it was a lucky goal for them. This goal was really heavy. We prepared things in the changing room to try and make something of the second half but suddenly we conceded another goal so it was difficult.

“But both Wednesday and today are part of the past. We cannot lose time and must prepare for the next game. In my opinion (Rotherham at home) will be the game of the season.”

Gomes on the midfield

“If Kelly and Ejaria didn’t get injured the game could have been different regarding this - and it’s an important detail. Rinomhota could have helped the team if he wasn’t injured. We cannot cry about the players we don’t have.

“We started the game with enough quality players to make it a different game and we had more players on the bench to replace them.

“It’s not an excuse. We should play better. We could play better but we didn’t. Everyone must look in the mirror and think what can we improve to be better in the next match. This is the point.”

Gomes on Aluko and Blackett missing the game

“Blackett was injured on Wednesday. Aluko was tired and something may happen in the future with him in another market.”

Gomes on the defeat having an impact

“Everybody must go to bed at night with a clear conscience and say I gave my maximum and if this happens we will get a lot of points.”

Gomes on the dressing room at half time

“I was angry. Nobody likes to lose and concede goals but I didn’t like the way we were playing. When you show one face during the week and don’t put it on the pitch on the day of the game I don’t like it. I feel angry.

“It’s a conversation I had with the players and I will go on talking about it in training on Tuesday.

“I will demand from them what they have already showed they can do. I’m not asking from them anything more. Just show what you can really do like they showed in the previous games.”

Gomes’ message for the fans

“They came with a big hope to get a positive result. They supported us even at the end. They are really amazing. It’s a long journey to come here and support the team.

“They deserved more but we couldn’t give it to them. Hopefully we can on Saturday.”

Gomes on staying out of the relegation zone

“It was the only positive thing from the weekend.”