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Jose Gomes Looks For Positives After Leeds United Defeat

The Royals were comfortably beaten, but that didn’t completely dampen Gomes’ mood.

Outclassed and outplayed. Leeds United were the visitors to the Madejski Stadium last night and showed why they are set to be in the Premier League next season with a thumping 3-0 victory. It was all over at half-time, but we played much better in the second half to keep Leeds at bay.

Here is what Jose Gomes had to say after the match; he spoke to the official club website and Football.London.

Gomes on the game

“It was a good game and we started by playing very well – good football, good actions and motions near their goal. We missed one opportunity and, in their second attack, they scored. At that moment, I don’t think we deserved to concede a goal – but that’s football.

”We played against one of the strongest offensive dynamics in this league. Very good movements, good intensity, very fast movements between all the players. They have quality - you can’t hid it - and they can create opportunities from nothing. That’s why they are in the position that they are.

”After four shots on goal, they had scored three goals. Even if they are under pressure, without any space at all, one small touch - half a step - and the ball was in the back of the net. They quality they have is difficult to stop.

”When you are in a good moment, good things happen. And they are in a good moment right now. We are not happy, because you cannot feel happy when you lose 3-0. But we had a lot of very positive things that we must hold onto for the future.”

Gomes on confidence

”The players showed more confidence to play football and move the ball and we had more academy players involved tonight too. Ryan East started and Michael Olise came on from the bench – and they played well. They didn’t show any fear, so that’s another positive thing.

”They have been working very well with us. And we used them because they are part of the club family and they are working very well. So we need to use the academy players if they deserve to play.”

Gomes on it being a fair scoreline

“We started the game well but in the moment we conceded the first goal we didn’t deserve to. After four shots, they scored three goals. Without any space - the third goal was just a small touch and the ball crossed Martinez’s hand. It was a fantastic goal.

“The quality they have is difficult to stop. Their dynamic and mobility - we tried to stop it. When we are in a good moment, good things happen. Leeds are in a good moment so that’s what happened.”

Gomes on a possible red card for Ayling

“I think, yes. The referee forgave him. It was a second yellow card in my opinion. The game could have been different of course and the end could have been different but the difference is they scored three goals before half time.”

Gomes on Ryan East’s debut

“He showed he was comfortable in the game. He gave very good passes, he recovered a lot of balls. In the second half, Danny (Loader’s) pass could have put him in front of the goalkeeper but it was behind him.

“He did well, like Michael (Olise). He played very well for the time that he played. They have more to show, but I am happy with what they did.”

Gomes on Liam Moore

“He’s not completely free of pain, but he’s brave and he showed again that he is brave.”

Gomes on Liam Kelly

“He is not injured. He wasn’t selected. The reason is, remember the last time that he played. I must work inside me to bring him back to the team. I didn’t like what happened at Sheffield United. He’s still my player, he’s like my son. But I have children and sometimes we must punish them. He is still training with the first team.”

Gomes on moving forward

”We didn’t have time to celebrate after beating Wigan and we don’t have time to cry now we have lost to Leeds.

”Now we just need to prepare, recover, and think about the next game against Stoke City. We need points to move away from this position as soon as possible. We must fight for three points again on Saturday.”