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The Tilehurst End Podcast: The Jose Gomes Interview

Marc sits down with the Reading manager to discuss his football upbringing, from a year in the army to barbecuing his old contract, and much much more...

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Jose Gomes may have only become Reading FC manager in December but he’s already made a big impact on the club and its fans, speaking of galvanising the Royals and showing passion at the right moments.

His football upbringing is as wide and varied as any modern football coach, and The Tilehurst End enjoyed almost an hour in the Portuguese tactician’s company to discuss his childhood years watching Porto, a spell in the army, entering full-time coaching, travelling the world in the dugout, and much more.

Listen in for thoroughly engaging anecdotes on his first steps in Portugal - where he once barbecued an old contract as he left a club, to Hungary - where he couldn’t speak to his club’s owner due to the language barrier, to Saudi Arabia - where he was sacked for picking his own team, and to Reading.

Gomes also gives his insight on his tactical outlook, how to stop conceding goals in the last few minutes, and the Royals' academy.

Download the show here.

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