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Dave Kitson Reveals The Real Reason He Never Played For England

The striker came close while at Reading

Reading v Portsmouth Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Dave Kitson could have been Reading's 2nd England call up of the century - had he not got arrested.

That's the claim of the former striker who was in sterling form back in the winter of '08. At the time, Fabio Capello had put Kitson on a preliminary squad list that the player got wind of. However, he never made it to the camp.

Writing in The Sun, he recalled: "Unfortunately I made the rash decision to celebrate my call-up with a couple of players and a few friends and managed to get myself arrested."

"By the time the police released me from the cell in the morning the squad list had been revised.

"And, true to Capello’s promise the England squad would have a new strict code of discipline under his tenure, my name had been removed."

Smooth. Kitson also reveals that both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland made big plays to sign him up for their teams. What might have been, eh?