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Norwich Verdict: Royals Somehow Grab Last-Minute Equaliser

League leaders Norwich had won eight on the bounce before Wednesday night, but then Reading and Andy Rinomhota rolled into town...

Wow. Just, wow. What a night! It could’ve been so much better of course, after leading the game for so long. But, to come back and grab an equaliser under those circumstances against that opposition just sums up everything Jose Gomes has done for our club.

These players would run through a brick wall for each other and for the club, which is something we could never say under the tenure of Paul Clement. This is all we’ve ever wanted as fans.

We defended like heroes for 85 minutes, and then showed heart that I’ve not seen for a long time from a Reading team to regroup after going behind so late and then find an equaliser from nowhere.

Every man put in an absolute shift. Somehow, Gomes has even got the loan players playing like they’re boyhood Reading fans - it’s incredible.

Of course, there were some delighted ‘Loyal Royals’ on Twitter after the game, providing their opinions on some of the game’s big talking points...

The defending

The fans, quite rightly so, were hugely critical of the Royals defending on Saturday against Hull, but it was a completely different story on Wednesday night.

For pretty much the whole game we were fantastic defensively. Moore was his usual die-hard self, Emi Martinez was just doing what Emi Martinez does and - rather surprisingly - Chris Gunter was very assured.

The Welshman hasn’t played a lot of football recently and has more than his fair share of critics, but he was as good as any member of the back 5.

For how we defended, we were desperately unlucky to go behind so late. They all deserved a clean sheet, and it looks like the Reading fans agree as love poured in from all angles for the defence...

That last-minute goal

That is why football is the greatest sport in the world. From utter dejection to complete delirium in the space of a couple of minutes.

After the way we defended for so long, to go behind so late was heartbreaking - and under Clement, we would’ve lost that game no doubt. But, Gomes worked his magic again and the players found an extra 5% to go and grab another goal.

It was the perfect player to do it as well, Mr Andy Rinomhota. An academy product who has made such an impact this season and is surely up there in the running for Player of the Season.

What a player this boy is, what a moment it was and what spirit shown by a team who don’t have the fighting spirit to stay up according to the Sky Sports Pundits.

That last minute goal surely delighted the Reading faithful on Twitter after the game, and who can blame them?

The fighting spirit

This is all we’ve ever asked for. This will be the difference between us going down and staying up.

After the ridiculous Sky Sports Pundits’ predictions that came out on Tuesday, this was the perfect reply.

Apparently, we don’t have the fight that Rotherham or Millwall have so will end up going down. Well, Keith Andrews, I advise you to take a watch of the last 10 minutes of Wednesday’s game, or maybe the Ipswich game? Or maybe the last minute winner against Blackburn? Or maybe even the incredible comeback against Wigan? Take your pick.

This squad has fight and passion in abundance, thanks to Jose Gomes. He’s got this group of players playing for the badge on the front of the shirt, rather than the name on the back - and the fans love it...


A huge moment in our season, and one that should give the whole squad confidence going into Saturday’s game - which is now the biggest game of our season, and one of the biggest in the club's recent history in my opinion.

It is so important we stay in this league, because the future could be so bright with Gomes at the helm. And this fighting spirit that has been integrated into this team will go a long way to help us do that.