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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 195: 2018/19 Season Review

Marc, Wimb and Handbags run the rule over the campaign after the Royals once again narrowly beat the drop

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It was a rollercoaster season that saw Reading FC do much more than just flirt with relegation for the second year running, but the club were ultimately saved after a dreadful start.

Marc Mayo hosts The Tilehurst End podcast alongside Dan ‘Wimb’ Wimbush and Dave ‘Handbags’ Harris with Episode 195 wrapping up another non-boring season supporting the Royals. The guys review the campaign, cover the issues surrounding the club in Newsbites, answer your Mailbag questions, and have a sneak peak at 2019/20.

A huge thank you to everyone who has listened to the show this season, it’s been another year of flux at a club level and - somewhat less importantly - at a personal level and we wouldn’t be here if people didn’t want to listen in on our shenanigans.

The Tilehurst End Podcast can be taken in via PodBean, YouTube or iTunes. Furthermore, thanks to all listeners who continue to pledge to our Patreon campaign.

Listeners can always get in touch with the podcast via our Twitter and Facebook pages as well as our email,, with thoughts on the show, opinions on the team, and potential topics to sink our teeth into always welcome.

As Dave mentioned towards the end of the show, he’s taking part in a charity walk from Keswick to Barrow in support of The Christie Charity, one of Europe’s leading cancer centres. All donations will be well received and go to a good cause! Click here to find out more and contribute.

Download the show.

Show Order

Season Recap - 02:32

Newsbites - 25:14

Mailbag - 36:54

Any Other Business - 01:08:25