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Birmingham Fans Verdict: Royals End Season On A High

Well, maybe not so much in terms of the result. But, the atmosphere at the club could not be more different to what it was six months ago. It was a wonderful day to finish a rollercoaster of a season.

A great day to finish such a strange, and mostly abysmal, season. The utter despair of the opening half of the season to now - where the club is as united as it has been in a very long time. This club has come a long way in the past few months, and Sunday was a day to celebrate that.

The result was always going to be pretty irrelevant and a 0-0 draw was probably always going to be the most likely outcome with two teams with nothing to play for coming up against each other.

Now all focus can be on a huge summer ahead for Gomes and Nigel Howe. There is so much work to do on this squad, and we will have to be creative in terms of who we bring in. However, the academy continues to offer players who can make the step up to the first team - as shown again on Sunday afternoon. Players such as Barrett, Olise and Loader are sure to be making even more of a contribution next campaign.

There were a few major talking points that got the fans talking on Twitter again after the final game of the season...

Portugal Day

A team who finished in 20th position in the Championship celebrating their manager’s homeland probably looks a bit odd from the outside - but from the inside we’ll all know its no less than Jose Gomes deserves.

The man has transformed our club and for that we will always be grateful. A day dedicated to him is the least we could do to thank him and his coaching staff for the work they’ve all done since December.

The fans certainly loved it as well, bringing their flags, scarves and shirts galore. I’m sure we’re all hoping that this feel good factor continues into pre-season and next season...

O’Shea tribute

Although he’s only been at the club a year, and hasn’t played a lot of football for us in that year either, it was a fitting tribute that the club did for a player who has achieved so much in the game.

As John O’Shea came on for youngster Barrett in the last few minutes, both Reading and the visitors formed a guard of honour as the entire stadium rose to their feet to witness the last moments of a stellar career for a proper professional.

He may not have contributed much on the pitch - but listen to anything that any of the players or the manager have to say about him and you’ll realise how much he has offered off the pitch. It was a tribute that certainly pleased the fans...

Next season

Excitement is already building for next season, just hours after the end of this one - that’s just how good the feeling is around our club at the moment.

It’s going to be a long summer, with a lot of work to do - but the fans now have trust in the club that has been non-existent for so long. Whatever business gets done in the summer, it will be done for the good of the club and we have to trust in that.

There will be a lot of outgoings - but that needs to be done in order to get players into the club. But, the fans are excited and rightly so. We have a manager who loves the club and one that is reigniting the fire back into our club. What’s there not to be excited about?


Another season done and dusted then, an unforgettable one at that for so many reasons. Personally, like most Reading fans, I am already looking forward to next season - it could be a special one.

We may not be up there challenging with the big teams at the top end, but we’re sure to have our Reading back - and that’s what we’ve been missing for 18 months now.