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Plymouth Argyle 2-4 Reading FC: Player Ratings

Plenty of academy stars were on show at Home Park last night.

Plymouth Argyle v Reading - Carabao Cup Second Round Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

Sam Walker: 6

Surprisingly in a 2-4 result, he didn’t have lot to do on the night, but took his crosses well and had a lot more command over his defence than we’ve seen previously from him. Little he could do with the two goals from a personal opinion, but overall a lot better than we’ve seen. A good job.

Teddy Howe: 5

Fairly solid. Can’t necessarily be blamed for the first goal but both goals did come from our right hand side which does point the finger at the right-back. Didn’t offer too much going forward either.

Akin Odimayo: 5

First appearance so his rating should be taken with a pinch of salt...BUT: Misplaced a lot of passes and didn’t instil a lot of confidence in those around him. Didn’t seem to have any control over the Plymouth forwards. Grew more confident in the second half though, and improved vastly. Perhaps didn’t know he was playing tonight until Miazga’s injury on Saturday?

Gabriel Osho: 6

More assured than Odimayo, but also part of what seemed a very nervy back pairing. Did seem to know his role in the back four a lot more though.

Jordan Obita: 6

Solid. Shouldn’t expect too much too quickly from Jordan. Solid defensively, and showed a little bit of something going forward, whilst nothing spectacular. Far from his best, but again, as expected. Hopefully, he’ll get back to his best in the coming weeks.

Charlie Adam: 6

Didn’t do a lot to quash the rumour of his poor movement, but produced a couple of gorgeous balls including a stupendous first time ball to assist Barrett’s first equaliser. He is clearly one to watch on the ball, and not off it!

Andy Rinomhota: 5

Disappointing from the lofty standards he’s shown us. Was largely absent from the game. Very little contribution at all if I’m being honest. A couple of his normal runs but nothing to write home about (except I am....).

Josh Barrett: 8

By far the classiest player on the pitch in terms of technical ability, and he was determined to show it off. An excellent first equaliser only showed up by the absolute worldy he pulled out of the top draw for the second. Dragged Reading from the jaws of defeat twice, almost single handedly. Had the Argyle defence on strings every single time he picked up the ball. Hate just picking goalscorers as MOTM but Josh has given me no choice personally...

Michael Olise: 4

Worst I’ve seen him play in a Reading shirt if I’m being perfectly honest. As much as Plymouth should credit the assist for their opening goal to the referee and his assistant, Olise completely forgot to track his man, which would have prevented the chance in the first place. In a 4-4-2, that’s inexcusable. Other than that, he was fairly blunt going forward, and continued to give Howe no protection on the right. Disappointing.

Danny Loader: 5

Again, a fairly abject performance. Showed a few good turns and tricks that saved him from a lower mark, but overall showed little going forward.

Yakou Meite: 7

Worked hard but struggled in the first half with a lack of service, but came very good in the second half and deserved his goals. When finally given service he beat the keeper superbly to win a penalty late on. Took his spot-kick (under unnecessary stress in my opinion) in emphatic fashion, and then scored a cracking second. The Plymouth keeper could have done better with the second, but we can ignore that for a hard working performance.


Sam Baldock: 6

Worked hard. Didn’t do much in his half hour on the pitch except a cracking assist for Yak’s second, which gives him a higher mark.

Lucas Boyé: 7

In my opinion, he changed the game. Might not have done a lot on the ball, but as soon as he came on Plymouth were suddenly on the back foot. They were afraid of him. He picked up the ball and suddenly there was a feeling around the stadium that something was going to happen. It might have been a coincidence, but the hosts suddenly sat back when he came on. He only had 20 minutes on the pitch so a 7 might be being generous, but put it this way: I don’t think we’d have won the game had he not come on.

Michael Morrison: N/A

No time to make an impact. Was in the mixer when we defended that last heart in mouth moment in the box though.

Average: 5.85/10

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