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Swansea City 1-1 Reading: The Alternative View

The Swans’ fanbase were frustrated by missing their chance to go top of the table.

Swansea City v Hull City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images

Reading made the journey to Wales on the back of some indifferent form - on the face of it the league form you would be questioning, and with a cup exit to boot, this time last season we would have been firmly been in crisis mode. This season though, patience has to be the key, and although there have been dissenting voices on Twitter, these probably have been in the minority so far.

A trip to Swansea City is never easy and the Swans have been in decent form this season, sitting a comfortable second in the league, so even the most optimistic Royals fan would have been hard-pushed to predict anything but a Swans win. However, like a number of games this season, the phrases that sum Reading up nicely are could’ve and should’ve.

This isn’t lost on the Swans faithful and they are not overly happy with the team selection and performance of their side, and of course it wouldn’t be football if there wasn’t a refereeing controversy.


Fair result but disappointed?

Second in the league – so much to cry about

Want to see the ones we have had this season?!


You wanna see some of the decisions at Reading this season!

But fans always overreact!

Fans now reaching for the record books to see if this is the same at our clubs!

Points make prizes

Story of our last four seasons

Bang average but second…


Surprisingly, given Swansea’s position in the league, I would have expected more coverage on the game than there was. Still, most of it resolves around Steve Cooper’s annoyance that the referee didn’t send Lucas Boye off, which is picked up by most of the outlets.

Starting with Sky Sports, they have the usual report with stats and the nice player list with formations etc. Their 1m55s of video highlights are basically a lesson from both sides in how not to finish.

Wales Online unsurprisingly make a big deal of the lack of a red card for Boye, and also say that George Puscas looked lively and call this a well-earned point for Reading. They run a report here on how Cooper had a moan at the ref at half time and how Keith Stroud had let himself down.

Fancy a bit of Puscas bashing? Then head over to Football League World who run an article around how Puscas doesn’t look interested. My take on this is that it’s lazy reporting and pretty much a something-and-nothing piece.

Finally, down at Berkshire Live/GetReading, Jonathan Low’s ratings are a little eye-opening. I did tweet earlier in the season that his ratings are a little low for me, and so getting a 1-1 away at a top-of-the-table team, with half of the scores a 4 or a 5, is a little surprising. I wasn’t at the game but a 3 for Puscas is truly a horrible mark and one that’s probably harsh.

Final thoughts

Reading have another tricky game on Tuesday when we welcome Fulham, who have found the transition back to the Championship a little more challenging than they would have thought. They’ve become the draw kings over the last few games.

This season has been another one where it’s been extremely frustrating to be a Reading supporter. Interestingly though for the last few years we have acknowledged that the team just isn’t strong enough, but this season it’s more about gelling and taking our chances. Same outcome just different causes.

There is no doubt that if this team clicks we could have something. Saying that, I have been waiting for a Reading team to click for four years. We know what the issues are: mainly Puscas needs to get some confidence, the new players must settle and a bit of form discovered. Once these happen then mid-table obscurity should be easily achieved.

Fans are allowed to vent and will do on any platform they can. I do feel though that a healthy dose of realism is needed and calls to change manager, players etc are a little premature and frankly ludicrous.