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Nottingham Forest Fans Verdict: Royals Rescue A Dramatic Point

How the fans reacted to some of the key talking points that came from a dramatic afternoon in Berkshire.

A game that truly summed up everything that Mark Bowen has instilled since becoming manager: fight, desire and spirit, even when all looks lost. A moment that the fans will remember for a very, very long time and rightly so.

In the first half, the players certainly showed that it was the first league game in 10 days as they looked rusty to say the least. Usual trusty players such as John Swift and Charlie Adam were sloppy in possession, but even so, we looked as organised as ever and nullified Nottingham Forest to very few chances.

However, in the opening 20 or so minutes of the second half, we came to life. Adam started running the show, Ovie Ejaria and Swift started producing moments of magic as they do and we really should’ve taken the lead - but we didn’t, and we were punished.

Ben Watson smashed home an incredibly dubious goal with what everyone thought was the last kick of the game to break the hearts of us fans and the players. However, the ref found a few extra seconds from somewhere and, after a whole half of time-wasting, feigning injuries and playing for a draw, Nottingham Forest scored an own goal to sent the Mad Stad into utter delirium. Glorious.

Here’s how the fans reacted to some of the key talking points from a memorable afternoon in Berkshire...

The ref

It is a truly thankless job, and I do not envy referee’s one bit, but the one put in charge of this game was average to say the very least. The refereeing should never be a talking point after a game like that, but unfortunately it was.

There are so many questions to be asked regarding the standard of officiating in the Championship, because it’s just not good enough at the moment. From little decisions such as throw ins, yellow cards etc all the way to the big moments - a la Nottingham Forest’s goal.

The fans were certainly unhappy with the refereeing performance, and you can’t really blame them because it nearly cost us a game that we never, ever deserved to lose...

That equaliser

What a moment. This is why we love football. From despair to utter jubilation in a matter of seconds. I haven’t seen the Madejski Stadium erupt like that in a very, very long time as we haven’t had much to cheer about in the last few years - but this felt like a huge moment in our season and in the future of our club in general.

Bodies and limbs were everywhere in Club 1871 and all around the ground. It was no less than we deserved.

It felt like a sign of what is to come, and I truly hope it is. This bunch of players has character, spirit, grit and will put their bodies on the line for the badge and for the shirt - and this equaliser was another moment that proved that.

I think it’s fair to say that it was a goal that the fans enjoyed...

Players’ character

Saturday once again showed how big the character of this squad really is. When things aren’t going your way, you concede a goal that shouldn’t have stood and you’re looking defeat dead in the eyes - it takes a lot of guts and resilience to fight back, which is what the players did yet again against Forest.

And that’s all we ever want to see as fans, we just want the players to care and to feel privileged to be playing for our club because we haven’t seen that over the last two or three years.

The fans are loving this bunch of players, and it’s clear to see...


A game in which three points got away from us, but to rescue a point in those circumstances just proves how good of a job Bowen is doing with these players.

We have always had the quality to be fighting at the top end of the table, but we were just missing the dirty side of football - the grit, the fighting, the will and want to get your hands dirty to get three points. Now, we are beginning to see that and it’s such a pleasing sight.

Onwards and upwards.