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Tweets Of The Week: Forest Madness And We’re Getting Excited

Another week, another batch of brilliant okay tweets.

Blackpool FC v Reading FC - FA Cup Third Round: Replay Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

A mental draw with Nottingham Forest and a pleasant victory over Blackpool with a bunch of kids means the Twittersphere was alight with things this week.

Missed last week’s? That’s here.

I’m a big fan of observations like this. “You run like your brother.” “You have the same chin as your cousins.” “You kiss like your dad.”

No pressure, lads...

You know The Royals are doing well when they get big guns like Jacqui Oatley attending games and reporting on them.

Not sure about the reading/Reading pun, mind.

All those in favour of a return of the Shlong?!

The result against Forest was because of one thing, and one thing only.

Saturday’s game against Nottingham Forest was absolutely mental.

Snatching a point from the jaws of defeat upset Forest fans. A lot.

Excuse you, let’s not be mean about our Charlie. He’s just eyeing up the next pass he’s going to make, or the next photo he’s going to take part in. #vision

I’m not saying things are getting out of hand given our recent run of results, but...

Things are getting out of hand given our recent run of results.


Someone’s handling a 1-1 draw badly. Nottingham doesn’t have a statue of a lion in the centre of it, does it? So we win.

All these early calls make it all the more sweet.

A worthy cause.

I’m elite. Now you’re elite too.

Sam Walker is in better form for me in my Football Manager, but in real life it’s all about Rafael.

I bloody loved Noel Hunt.

I’m not one for swearing, so this chant isn’t for me, but it might be for you. You heathen.

Reading are taking Ridenton on trial. People who know him aren’t so sure.

I feel both old and overjoyed.

I, for one, don’t understand how Swift’s goal wasn’t even nominated.

Putting this here so we all remember and hold him to it.

Dan has a trophy on his mantlepiece titled “The One And Only Judge Of All Reading Fans”, clearly.


Fair bloody play.

A question worth asking...

Jemba was one of my absolute faves for a long, long time.

Aaaaand that’s your lot. Enjoy your weekend.