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Tweets Of The Week: Hot Takes And Take Downs

Another week of titillating tweets.

Huddersfield Town v Nottingham Forest - Sky Bet Championship - John Smith’s Stadium Photo by Dave Howarth/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

I enjoyed compiling the list of tweets this week. It’s been a great week, full of jokes and ‘banter’ and some absolutely terrible takes and horrific take downs.


We start with a scorching hot take. I’m not sure I can get on board the thought of Puscas being worse than Karl Sheppard or Emerse Fae.

I’m heartened by the response to this poll. 81% of Reading fans aren’t throwing in the towel for the play-offs, which is good. 19% are wrong. Just wrong.

I have no idea what Reading fans have done to rattle the cages of most of the league’s other fans, but... It appears we have.


Ruddy marvellous. Happy birthday, Alan, from Mr. Tweets Of The Week.

For the nerdier readers among you, this is the formula for potential promotion.

Slick in attack, mean at the back, it’s Blue Army!

One of my first man crushes. Super swoon when you realise the Irishman can play guitar too.

I don’t want Rafael to leave, but I also want Southwood to play at some point soon. Two goalkeepers, anyone?

Staggering. Truly staggering.

And then...

Wait for it...


Fair bloomin’ play to the mighty Royals...

Normally it’s the opposition that takes the mic out of the Number 13 thing. Now even our own are turning against us.

I like this lad. He’s good.

This boded well.

Now the rest of the league is getting on board the Swift Hype Train.

(Please don’t take him from us.)

I believe the phrase is: limbs.

I sense a fresh new ‘fake rivalry’ brewing...

That’s your lot. Now go and get some fresh air.