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Sheffield Wednesday Fans Verdict: Referee Performance Leaves Fans Fuming

One big talking overshadowed a superb Josh Laurent performance in Wednesday night’s draw in Sheffield. Can you guess what it is?

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There have been times where I’ve been writing up a Fans Verdict piece really struggling to come up with talking points, due to the mediocrity we’ve witnessed for season after season. However, this campaign has been very different and Wednesday night continued that trend.

There was one big talking point. We all know what it is, I don’t need to tell you. But I’m going to anyway: it was the performance of referee Oli Langford, which left the fans absolutely fuming - and rightly so.

The penalty decisions get worse every time you see them, which is why I haven’t watched any of them since 7am on Thursday morning. I just don’t want to keep putting myself through it. And, also, we can’t dwell on it. As frustrating as it is, it’s been and gone and all eyes need to be on Saturday afternoon.

Pauno’s post-match media duties and a superb Josh Laurent performance also caught the eye of the Reading faithful. But it was obviously the refereeing horror show that really got them talking. Here’s a round-up of all the reaction...

Josh Laurent

What a player this lad is turning out to be. Quickly solidifying a place in the hearts of the Reading fanbase, and rightly so.

He just oozes class, and although they say the step from League One to the Championship is arguably the most difficult in English Football, the former Shrewsbury Town man has made it look so, so easy.

Comfortable on the ball, athletic, bundles of energy. He’s got it all. I just love him. As do the rest of the Loyal Royals it seems...

Paunovic’s post-match comments

When Pauno joined the club, none of us knew anything about him, let’s be honest. But, rumours did circulate that he was a hot-headed manager with a short fuse. He has shown glimpses of that during his time here, but on the whole has been an absolute class act.

Wednesday night was no different. There are a lot of managers who would’ve lost their temper big time after the game whilst talking to the press. But Pauno kept his cool, stayed professional and tried his best to focus on his teams performance rather than that of the referee.

It was another sign that Pauno is going to be a top, top manager - if he’s not already. Long may he be at the reign of our club...

Refereeing performance


I wrote a piece about this straight after the game, full of anger, disappointment and confusion. And I still feel all three of those things when I think about it now.

It was clearly the big talking point among the Reading fans, it just has to be. It cost us all three points. Three of them were stonewall. I want to use a stronger phrase than stonewall because they were so much clearer than your average stonewall penalty.

But, it is what is and what’s done is done. All eyes will be on the Forest game now. But that didn’t stop the fans complaining...


Trust me, I’m as frustrated as the rest of us about that utterly awful performance from Oli Langford. It was truly horrendous and one that pretty much sums up the standard of officiating in the EFL.

However, we have to move on. It’s done and we can’t change it now. We need to be looking at Saturday now, a game in which fans will be back. What a special moment that will be.

I can't wait to be back in the Mad Stad, hopefully we can witness three points.