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Tweets Of The Week: Cardiff And Kenyan Fans

We’re stuck in a loop of playing Cardiff City; plus, a new signing brings with it plenty of new fans.

2019 China Super League - Beijing Renhe v Hebei China Fortune Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images

We’re stuck in a loop of playing Cardiff City repeatedly. Forever. But on the plus side, there have been some transfer happenings, some memes, some new fans joining the club... So it’s swings and roundabouts, really.

You absolutely love to start a week off with sniping The S*n and Fake Hoops in one tweet.

You’re almost guaranteed to feature in TOTW if you take a meme and make it Reading FC related.

OK, his form hasn’t been as great recently, but Ejaria is still bae.

Needless to say, The Tilehurst End’s thoughts are with Meite and his family at this time.

This man is a new TOTW icon.

David Meyler makes quite the poet...

Heh, yeah... This wins in embarrassing pitch invasions league table.

Lewis, what are the lottery numbers going to be?

This whole story was rather offputting.

The Royals’ biggest achievement for nearly a decade.

So. Much. Sass.

Ruddy good effort, Melvir.

Former Royals midfielder Tanner is taking part in some real-life FM hoodoo.


That Brazilian flair~

Even though he’s apparently not that type of player. It’s fun to dream.

Let the Deadline day madness begin...

I concur.

Have a wonderful week. Until next time.