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Tweets Of The Week: Waterstones, Wigan, and Barack Obama

Twitter is a funny old place. A place where bookshops defend themselves, former Reading strikers discuss their roommates’ behaviours, and fans pile in on a poor performance.

Former US President Barack Obama In Kuala Lumpur Photo by Zahim Mohd/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Hello, welcome to another edition of Tweets of the Week, where a 28-year-old man sits at a computer for a while and embeds a lot of tweets relating to Reading Football Club.

This week we boast about bargain signings, discover Barack Obama is a Reading fan, make a few jokes as per, and then literally explode with rage at the performance against Wigan in midweek.

I know most of us don’t want to return to the shoestring budget days of old and scouting purely in Ireland, but it did give us huge bragging rights when it worked well.

Love this idea.

Others did not.

Take away the 9 mile run and that sounds perfect, Ady.

I don’t understand what’s happening in this tweet, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway... Because there’s a badly photoshopped squid on a football pitch.

Ejaria had better watch himself and buck his ideas up or this feature will have a new favourite player...

I’m a Siggy Stan and would welcome him back any day.

Particularly big kudos because of the price of away tickets.

‘Stretchy’ is a Reading FC fan who went hella viral this week. We should all be proud.

That caption.

I haven’t got round to watching this yet but I guarantee it’s going to be fill of stories.

Confirmed: Barack Obama is a Reading fan.

OK. Here’s the big story of the week: how terrible we were at Wigan. Bowen comes in for huge criticism.

Ady Williams is master of the humble brag.

Not strictly football related, but thought it was enjoyable all the same.

What’s Rino up to...?


“Who’d you rather have in midfield partnering James Harper, De Bruyne or Sidwell?”

“Sidwell. Every time.”

- everyone