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Random Royal Moments: That Song

You’ll Never Walk Alone has competition!

There are many things that happen in life that make you sit there and go: “Who in God’s name decided this was a good idea?”

Luckily in our lives these are few and far between, and generally last a couple of days, maybe a week, before people forget about them. This is where the internet suddenly becomes that medium that you can’t hide from, can’t run from and at some point you know damn well it’s going to pop up and drag you back to a position of “just shoot me now”.

Well, back in 2015, Reading FC produced one of the most memorable moments in its history. Recently taken over by our Thai owners, in their infinite wisdom they decided to release a song. Now I am sure this was done in good faith, however the response was well... how can I put this... slightly embarrassing.

For those of you who have managed somehow to put this moment in a little box that’s padlocked and in the back of your brain, here is a reminder.

Co-written by then co-owner Khunying Sasima Srivikorn, I am baffled how this got through the board, the management and anyone else with a common sense. Even more surprisingly they managed to get the players to be part of it (Garath Mcleary – one of your proudest moments?).

Who were we playing when we debuted it? It had to be Leeds United of all the teams. I remember the day when we played it on the big screen and the howls of laughter from the away end.

It’s hardly “You’ll Never Walk Alone” or even “Marching On Together”, and while you applaud the effort, you have to question the sanity of the people involved in it.

Since then it occasionally pops up, and every Reading fans always sits there and goes “how did no one ever realise that this was such a bad idea?”