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Brentford Fans Verdict: Fans Show Fury After 3-0 Loss

A summary of how the fans reacted to some of the key talking points that arose from Tuesday nights 3-0 loss to the hands of high flying Brentford.

If you thought the return to Championship football after lockdown could get any worse after the late draw to Stoke and the embarrassing performance against Derby County - then you were wrong. Very, very wrong.

Yes, Brentford are an excellent team - proven by where they are in the table and the amount of goals they’ve scored this season. But they didn’t need to get out of first gear for the entire evening as they ran out easy 3-0 winners against Reading.

As Mark Bowen said after the game, we got nowhere near them and didn’t lay a fingertip on them - let alone a glove - all game. The defending for all three goals was laughable, particularly for the opener and the second, with the first being a carbon copy of Stoke’s equaliser the weekend before last.

How many years now have we been saying the same thing at exactly the same stage of the season? It’s like Groundhog Day. Players on the proverbial beach already - and that’s a massive understatement.

So, as you can tell, this is going to be a very jolly edition of Fans Verdict. Here’s how you all reacted to some of the key talking points to come from Tuesday evening’s drubbing...

The defending... again

Brentford’s front three are one of the most lethal in the entire division - with Watkins, Mbuemo and Benhrama scoring the same amount of goals as the entire Reading squad combined this season before kick off on Tuesday (which means the trio have now surpassed our tally, due to Mbuemo’s opener).

However, any pub team you find on a Sunday morning in your local park would’ve been able to defend better than Bowen’s men did for the first two goals. Two free headers from a corner for the first and everybody standing like statues for the second to allow Da Silva to run through and tap home a rebound from a shot from the edge of the box - that Da Silva himself took.

I think we’ve said all that can be said about the defending really. Inexcusable, laughable and unacceptable. And the fans certainly are not a happy bunch...

Players’ attitude

They just didn’t look interested, did they? And how many times have we said that over the last few seasons?

I don’t know whether they think we’re safe already but if we are not careful, and lose against Luton on the weekend, there is a possibility of us getting dragged down into yet another relegation scrap.

All us fans ask for is that the players go out and play like they care for the badge as much as we do. That’s all we ask. And when we don't get it, serious questions are usually asked - as you can tell from these tweets from Tuesday evening...

Mark Bowen

Yes, the players are nowhere near up to par at the moment, and seriously need to look at themselves in the mirror (again, how many times have we said this in the last three years?) before the trip to Luton on Saturday - but, once again, some of Bowen’s decisions on Saturday were questionable to say the least.

One up top without Joao in the team just doesn't work. Period. End of debate. Yet Bowen seems to keep trying to make it work, whether that be with Baldock or Puscas. It’s the same end result, every single time.

The switch to 4-4-2 didn't work either and the decision to bring off Olise, who was one of our few bright lights on Tuesday, was also a bit strange.

Here’s the fans reaction to another bad day at the office for the former Stoke City assistant, with a fair few actually wanting Bowen to go...


Well, that was a fun read wasn't it?

In all seriousness, a lot more needs to be done by everyone - the club, the manager and the players - to try and worm ourselves out of this rut that we’re in.

Win on Saturday and a huge weight is lifted of the shoulders of everybody, but lose and we could see ourselves slide into a very slippery position.