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Blackpool Fans Verdict: Fans Fume At Pathetic Capitulation

Reading blew a two-goal lead in the second half at home to the Tangerines on Wednesday evening, and I think it’s fair to say the fans were not best pleased.

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I genuinely thought it couldn’t get any worse than the Huddersfield game. That was the only silver lining I had whilst driving home from Yorkshire that day. I said to myself “at least it can’t get any worse, at least it’s only up from here. Right?”. Wrong.

I had a bad feeling going into the game on Wednesday. I’d already made peace with the fact we might not pick up all three points. Although we’d be in good form, it is virtually the same 11 players playing 90 minutes every single game. So I had an inkling that this game would be one too many for the players and we might labour to a draw.

But that second half was totally and utterly unacceptable on every single level. Blackpool were good, don’t get me wrong, but I think any professional team in the country would’ve scored three against us the way we played and conducted ourselves.

The visitors deserved everything we got, and we got everything we deserved - in fact, there would’ve been no complaints from me if Blackpool had gone on to score one, two, even three more. We were that bad.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the performance, and it’s clear to see they were just as angry as me...

The collapse

I haven’t been as angry at a set of players since that 3-0 loss to Wigan under Mark Bowen. We weren’t great in the first half, nowhere near it in fact. But we’d managed to find ourselves 2-0 up and in a position where we should’ve comfortably seen the game out.

But we came out in the second half as if we didn’t expect Blackpool to up their game or come at us. As if the three points had been won in the first half. It was pathetic, quite frankly.

I’m not one to usually scathe a performance like this, but this performance deserves just that. Here’s how the fans reacted to the Royal crumble in the second half...

The response

However horrendously, disgustingly, embarrassingly bad Wednesday night was, this league does not give you any time to dwell. Which is probably a pro of it being such a demanding league, you usually get a chance to respond pretty quickly.

And we have a chance to respond on Saturday against Blackburn. A chance we simply have to take. We managed to respond immediately after our last loss to Derby, but this loss is a whole different kettle of fish to that one. This one will hurt the players, and rightly so.

The fans expect, and deserve, to see a different side to this team to the one they showed on Wednesday...


I’m still rather angry, as you can probably tell. Not much more needs to be said than what’s already been said though now. We all know how bad it was. It can’t be changed, we can't go back in time and play any differently.

But what we can control is Saturday. And we need to see something a lot, lot better than what we were subjected to in that second half. I’m not hopeful either, unless we get some players back from injury, because if the players looked that knackered on Wednesday, they’re not going to be looking any perkier on Saturday.

If I was Tony Mowbray, I’d be licking my licks watching that second half. It’s up to the players now to do something about it, and show us that it was just a blip in the road rather than a sign of what’s to come.