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Cardiff Fans Verdict: Royals Fight For Three Points

How the fans reacted to an away performance full of fight, grit and determination from the Royals.

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There is nothing - and I mean that when I say it - better in football than a 1-0 win away from home. Especially when you show the amount of courage, fight and passion that the players did on Saturday afternoon.

Let's be honest, earlier on in the season we concede in that second half and probably go on to lose. The fact that that didn't happen, and the players stood so strong throughout the Cardiff onslaught in that second half, shows the amount of growth this team has had in recent weeks.

The players left everything out on the pitch. Although our attacking output left a lot to be desired - shown by our grand total of two shots on goal in the entire game - the defensive shape, organisation and solidity shown were superb. Absolutely superb.

This international break was needed anyway considering the amount of injuries we’ve got and how stretched the majority of the players have been in recent weeks. But it’s a break we can all enjoy a little bit more now having won on Saturday.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the key talking points...

Luke Southwood

We’ll come onto the players that played in front of Southwood in a little bit, but first let's focus on the man himself. Yet again, he was different gravy. He is authoritative in the air, a wonderful shot stopper, his distribution is second to none and he’s one of our own. Is there anything not to love about Southwood?

He has made that number-one spot is own, and there’s no way Rafael gets back into this team if Southwood keeps performing the way he is. He is our number one, and I'm so happy for him for that.

The fans gave him a lot of love on Twitter after the game...


I am just so utterly in love with this man. To bounce back from the considerable hate and criticism he was getting in the early parts of the season, to where he’s got the club too now is a testament to him.

On Saturday after the game, he shared another poignant moment with the fans coming over to celebrate on his own after all of his players had gone back into dressing room. It’s clear to see he loves this club, the least he deserves is for us to continue to show it back.

What a bloke. And he’s definitely becoming more and more popular amongst the fans...

A massive win

Wins like this just harmonise a club. They really do. The scenes at full time were special. When it really comes down to it, we don’t really care about the football we play, all we want is to see the players leave everything out there on the pitch at full time. And these players are doing that.

The wins mean as much to the players as they do to us fans and it feels so, so good to have the whole club pulling in the same direction. There’s a lot to work on, of course there is, but this is a huge win. A win the fans absolutely loved...


What a day, what a result, what a club.

Every player out there played with the spirit and fight we all want to see our team play with. They were a credit to the club, and now they get a well deserved couple of weeks rest until our next game.

I love this club, and wins like this just grow that love even more.