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Millwall Fans Verdict: Royals React To Disappointing Night

Harry rounds up the reaction after another loss at The Den.

PA Images via Getty Images

When you combine everything from Tuesday night - Pauno’s positive Covid test, two more absentees, the result and the news about the points deduction - I think it's fair to say it was one of the worst 24 hours in recent times for Reading. And that’s saying something.

It’s already been said countless times, but everything that can go wrong is going wrong right now. I hate cliches as much as the next person, but a lot of them apply in our current scenario. It’s about sticking together and battling through this tricky patch. We need to have faith that it will come good.

And even with the points deduction, there’s a big chance it will come back. Once we start getting players back from injury, things should start getting better. No team in the country would be able to perform to the maximum with 10+ first-team players in the treatment room.

In regards to the Millwall game in particular, there were a few key talking points to come. Some took place on the pitch, some off it. Here’s what the fans had to say...

Tyrell Ashcroft

The absence of Danny Drinkwater and Andy Yiadom, the latter in particular, meant that young Tyrell Ashcroft was handed his professional debut. And he was a rare shining light in what was otherwise a bleak evening for the club.

He didn’t steal the show, and it was by no means a 10/10 performance, but he showed signs that he’s ready for the Championship and maybe planted a seed in Pauno’s head that perhaps he can trust some of the younger players.

He looked comfortable enough, albeit with a few evident nerves (but who can blame him for that?) and all in all, the fans were impressed...

Lack of options

Let’s be honest, Pauno has his hands tied behind his back right now doesn’t he. We have to rely on scoring first and getting ahead, because if we go behind we lack any options off the bench to change things.

I know there’s an argument that even so, Pauno should be using the younger players more and I get that. But remember, that’s exactly what they are, young players. Bringing them into the first team too early can have serious side effects. And they may not be ready anyway - Pauno is the one that sees them in training every day.

The fans are starting to get really frustrated, but the worst thing is no one can do anything about it...

Looming points deduction

This was arguably the biggest talking point to come from Tuesday night, and it happened a long way away from where the football match was taking place.

News surfaced midway through the second half that Reading are now prepared to accept a nine-point deduction, with three more suspended. We all knew it was coming at some point, but this timing is horrendous.

It makes a dark situation even darker, and the players, Pauno and the fans are going to have to find something deep within us to help all of us through this period.

The fans showed their worry at what this deduction could cause on Twitter after the game...


Like I said earlier, cliches aren’t what everyone wants to hear right now, but they do apply here. The way out of this situation isn’t for fans to turn on the club and the players. We all need to stick together and we’ll get through the other side.

We need to stick with Pauno and just pray that some players start getting back sooner rather than later. Personally, I just want the points deduction now, get it over and done with and we can move on. But we all know that the EFL don’t like doing things the easy way.

It’s going to be a tough few weeks and months. But keep the faith.