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Millwall Fans Verdict: Disappointing Royals Slump To Defeat

Harry summarises the mood of the Reading faithful after Saturday’s poor loss to Millwall.

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The performance was good on Wednesday night, really good. And on another day, we probably would’ve come away with all three points. However, with the result going the way it did, we needed to get back to winning ways on Saturday. But that didn’t happen.

Games against Millwall are always tough: they have their way of playing, it suits the players they have and they can be really effective with it. Pauno changed his starting eleven to combat Millwall’s style, which in hindsight was a confusing thing to do.

I just feel if we’d have gone with Omar Richards and Andy Yiadom at full back then it would’ve allowed us to implement our own style on the game. Setting up the way we did suggested to me that Pauno had already admitted that it was a game we couldn’t do that in, which is surprising.

However, Pauno’s changes seemed to be working until he subbed off Tom Holmes for Yiadom - after Millwall had gone to 4-4-2 and brought on big Matt Smith - and then we conceded two goals down our right-hand side.

A really frustrating afternoon, summed up by these tweets...

Semedo goal

Before it all went pear-shaped, Alfa Semedo had time to produce a moment of sheer brilliance or bizarre fortune, depending on whether your glass is half full or half empty.

The camera man did a great job of not getting the goal in real time, but looking back on it, I have to say I think it’s a tackle from Alfa. I would love to be wrong though.

It was the one glimmer of shining light form an otherwise very dim afternoon, and the fans were loving it...

Holmes sub

This is where things started going not so great. The performance wasn’t good all afternoon, but we looked solid enough in the second half as Millwall began to put the pressure on, something I don’t think would’ve happened if Pauno had gone with his strongest line-up in the first place but there you go.

Holmes has been fantastic this season, and was playing well again on Saturday so the decision to take him off at 1-0 up with 15 or so minutes to go was very odd, and it came back to bite us as Millwall ended up scoring from two crosses down their left-hand side.

The fans weren't happy at all with Pauno’s decision...

Poor performance and result

On Wednesday night we didn’t get what our performance deserved, however on Saturday we got exactly what it deserved.

We were poor all over the pitch, we just let Millwall play exactly how they want to play and they’re good at playing it. There wasn’t a lot of press from Joao on the centre backs who were happy to launch it upfield to the big strikers. And it ended up working for them.

It was an awful day at the office, the first time this season I’ve been left let down by the performance, we have to put things right on Tuesday.

The fans were left just as fuming as me, and rightly so...


A poor day at the office all round. Things change so, so quickly in this league that we can't afford a serious dip in form. I have full faith in the players and Pauno to put this right on Tuesday night and start to get some momentum going again.

When you don’t win, you learn. Keep the faith.