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Rotherham Fans Verdict: Battling Performance Pleases Fans

Harry rounds up the reaction as the Loyal Royals saw their team bounce back in fighting fashion with a 1-0 win over Rotherham.

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I’m sure the fans were feeling a lot of different things in the run-up to Saturday afternoon’s meeting with Rotherham United - fear, nervousness and hope all probably included in that - but in the end, the overriding emotion of the day was, thankfully, relief.

It was never going to be the kind of game where we went and put three past The Millers, playing some beautiful football in the process, but sometimes these kinds of win - 1-0, all hands to the pump, scrappy wins - are even sweeter.

It’s a sweet win because the players showed all of the characteristics that they got criticised for not showing on Tuesday against Wycombe. When you play the teams fighting for their lives at the bottom, you’ve got to match that fight - which we did on Saturday. When you do that and combine that with little moments of quality that they may not have, you’ve got a good chance of winning the game.

Yes, we could've scored more - Joao being guilty of missing two or three big chances, although, for the record I was very impressed with his hold-up play and the fact his head didn’t drop when things started going against him - but we got a win and a clean sheet. You can’t complain at that.

Here’s how the fans reacted...

Michael Morrison

Michael Morrodona. When the going gets tough, you need your tough players to get you going. And Michael Morrison is definitely one of those.

Mr Reliable is a consistently thrown-around cliche, and I’ve heard fans use it for Morrison before, but I think that’s underestimating his importance. He’s a rock, an absolute warrior and a key part of this team and this club.

He’s got a record of being a goalscoring centre back, and this one is probably his most important yet - and he backed it up with a heroic defensive performance alongside Moore too.

The fans certainly love Morro, how could they not?

Michael Olise

The boy’s an absolute star. And he’s so, so much better as a number 10, Saturday proved that.

His ability to pick up possession just behind the opposition midfield on the half turn and drive at defences is a joy to watch, and the amount of times you see him run down what looks like a dead end, only for him to dink it past the defender and find a team mate is ridiculous.

He should’ve also had the assist of the season on Saturday with an outrageous pass through to Joao - honestly, people don't understand how hard it is to pull off a pass like that - but the striker fluffed his lines.

The fans are loving watching Olise play in the blue and white hoops, well I urge them to soak it all in, because it won’t be a luxury we have for very long...


There were definitely elements of the game that fans weren't happy with, and Pauno would’ve also spotted them too - most notably the failure to kill the game off when we had chances to go even further in front.

But, in reality, all that ever mattered on Saturday was coming away with three more points than we arrived there with - and the players delivered that.

The fans expected and deserved a reaction, and on the whole, they got that. The task now is to get those back-to-back wins, as we host out of form Blackburn on Tuesday.

The fans were delighted, but relieved with the win...


An assuring, relieving win. But a win that will only carry significance if we back it up again on Tuesday, fail to win that and you feel we’re back to square one.

Huge challenge for the players now to keep some form and build some momentum, with the business end of the season getting closer, and closer.