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Birmingham City Fans Verdict: Fans Fume After Another Horror Show

As ever, Harry rounds up the reaction from the Loyal Royals. This one definitely wasn’t the most positive of the season...

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After submitting the Wycombe Fans Verdict the day after the 1-0 loss, there was a little silver lining as I thought “well, at least I won’t have to write one as negative as that again this season” - boy, oh boy was I wrong. This one’s probably going to be even worse.

Similarly to the Wycombe Fans’ Verdict, I don’t think there are three set key talking points. I just think we were all so full with anger, frustration, disgust, disbelief and shock that we didn’t have the capacity to contemplate key moments of the game. The reaction from the fans wasn’t aimed at particular events from the game, more so just a huge outpour of anger. And I think that’s completely fair enough.

The performance was bad, the result was even worse. But, as fans, the least we deserve and the least we expect is to watch our players fight and show hunger and determination to win the game. Just put in everything you’ve got. And I don’t think every player who played on Wednesday can honestly say they did that - which is heartbreaking.

I’m not alone in that opinion. You fans will back me up on that too, as you’ll see shortly from the Twitter reaction - but Pauno also criticised the fight and the mentality from the players in his post match interview, too. Which is more significant than you think. From what I can remember that’s the first time he’s publicly gone after the players like that.

Anyway, here’s the best(?) bits from Twitter after the game. If there are any players who happen to read this, then either close your eyes now or read and take it on the chin...


As you can see, if you’ve had the mental strength to go through all of the above tweets, the fans weren’t happy. To find the tweets I use for Fans’ Verdicts, I usually type in the #ReadingFC into the search bar accompanied with a keyword, i.e. “#ReadingFC joao” if Joao’s had an absolute worldie. Tonight, I’ve accompanied the hashtag with words such as “fight”, “determination”, “hunger” and “attitude” - and not in a good way. And that’s what hurts the most for me.

We’ve seen some outstanding performances this season, but we’ve also seen some really, really bad ones. Arguably none worse than the one on Wednesday at Birmingham. I honestly can’t believe what I saw - losing to the worst home team in the league is one thing, but losing it in the manner we did is a hammer blow.

It’s up to the players now. We said that after the Wycombe again, we’re saying it again now but I guarantee if they get it wrong this time, we won’t get a chance to say it again. It is now really make or break. And by that I mean we need a win on Saturday. Need.

The teams below us are ready and waiting for any slip up, we can't slip up. We just can’t.

Time for the players to show us what they’re made of. And this time I mean that.