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Swansea City Fans Verdict: Disappointment Clear To See

Harry rounds up the reaction after Swansea hammered down the final nail in our play-off coffin.

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Well, that’s that then. The fat lady has sung. Our season is officially over (in terms of it being played in a competitive nature anyway). However, we didn’t miss out on the top-six because of the 2-2 draw to Swansea.

We missed out on the play-offs because of losses to Birmingham City and Wycombe Wanderers, to Millwall and Middlesborough, and by missing glaring chances against Barnsley, Watford, Nottingham Forest and Preston North End. I could go on, but you get the gist.

Even the most optimistic of Loyal Royals would probably admit our season was over well before the end of play on Sunday afternoon. The fact of the matter is that we just haven’t been good enough in recent months to warrant a top-six spot. We’ve petered and whimpered while our rivals have grown stronger and stronger.

It’s a bit of a doom and gloom Fans’ Verdict this time I’m afraid. Maybe it’s karma coming round to bite me after the unusually optimistic editions I got to write earlier on in the season; this football club can’t let you have an entire season of positivity, can it?

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: the players, staff and fans should look back at this season as progress. But that doesn’t mean that frustration and anger isn’t being felt by the Reading faithful, as you can tell by these tweets...

Season over

Let’s address the elephant in the room first shall we. The big talking point is that we can no longer finish in the top six, and another season in the Championship beckons.

As I said earlier, there are many more important reasons than Sunday’s result which means we’ve missed out on the play-offs, but I guess it’s never over until it’s mathematically impossible - which it is now.

Three months ago, the top six, maybe even in the top two, was sitting pleasantly in the palm of our hands - but it seems like the pressure has got to us in recent weeks and results have taken a huge downwards spirals - as has the mood of the fanbase.

Here’s how they reacted to finally being put out of their misery on Sunday...

Veljko Paunovic

Paunovic deserves his fair share of criticism. Heck, I gave it to him full barrels in my match report after the game on Sunday after witnessing the substitutions he made.

But surely, even the most pessimistic, angry of Reading fans can’t argue with the job he’s done (on VERY limited resources) this season? He was thrown into a league he’s never managed in before, two weeks before the start of the season, with a squad he was still learning the names of going into the first game against Derby County, and has managed to guide us to a healthy top-half position.

Yes it could’ve been a lot better, it should’ve been a lot better. But Pauno has done a good job.

There was a mixed reaction on Twitter after the game - some slating the Serbian, but others showing their support...

Next season

Although there are still games to be played, as soon as that final whistle went on Sunday, I think it’s fair to say a lot of Reading fans’ eyes turned to this summer and next season.

I’m not going to lie - personally, I am very worried. I would be so much more comfortable with finishing seventh if I was sure that the club was in a position to build on it and give it a real good go next year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

A huge rebuild is coming up this summer and it’s going to be very eventful to say the least. On Twitter after the game, the fans had their say. Some are optimistic, some not so much...


So the fat lady has sung on Reading’s season as a competitive entity. But, in all honesty, she’d been doing her vocal warm-ups for a good few weeks already.

We weren’t good enough when it mattered and deserve to finish where we are going to finish. There can be no complaints about that.

Now, I'm off to hibernate for the entire summer because I can’t bear to go through what I think we might have to go through in pre season. It’s going to be a whirlwind.