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Huddersfield Fans Verdict: A Disappointing Curtain Closer

For the final time this season, Harry rounds up the reactions of the Loyal Royals.

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Well the fat lady has now sung, but let’s be honest, she was a bit out of tune wasn’t she? Reading ended the season with a game synonymous to how our campaign has gone on the whole - starting strongly with confidence and quality, but ending weakly and with a whimper.

To be honest, I am already out of ‘football season’ mode. I think it'll do everyone involved with the club - fans, players and staff alike - the world of good to have three solid months off competitive football, although I don’t think the end of the season equals the end of the uncertainty and drama when it comes to this football club.

It’s already been said, but I’ll say it again: it’s going to be a very tough summer. The priority has to be keeping the core of this squad together, and whether we manage to do that or not, it'll be still be tricky to bring in reinforcements.

However, before we get to that bit, the fans got the privilege (for want of a much better word) of watching the Royals for one last time on Saturday - but it wasn’t that impressive really. Here’s the key talking points to come from the day...

Josh Laurent

Officially Reading’s player of the season, and it’s very well deserved.

The biggest compliment I can give Laurent is that he’s made stepping up from League One to the Championship look like he’s a Premier League player who’s made the step down. I can’t think of too many pieces of business we’ve done in recent times that top signing this guy on a free.

The heartbeat of the team - both on and off the pitch - and such an important cog to the way Pauno wants to play. The fans were delighted to see him awarded for the season he's had...

Season over

The last game of the season gave the Loyal Royals the chance to reflect on what has been been a long, draining campaign. The Championship is always draining, but this one more than any in recent memory for obvious reasons.

Ultimately, it wasn’t a successful season. From where we were at the end of January to where we finished cannot be deemed as a success. However, it has to be seen as progress, whether you like it or not.

Whether or not we can continue that progress remains to be seen over the coming months, but the fans managed to have their say on how they think the season has gone...

This summer

It’s going to be a tough summer, and it looks to me like the fans know that. Players are sure to go, we’ll have to find a way of bringing quality players in for little money, and we absolutely have to get some players tied down on new contracts.

No summer or pre-season is plain sailing for this club, we’ve seen proof of that in recent years, and this one is going to be no different. Nervy times are ahead, and the fans aren’t looking forward to it...


Well, that’s that then.

I just want to say from a personal point of view a thank you to anyone who’s taken time to have a read of any of these Fans Verdicts this season, it’s been a pleasure! I mean, I literally couldn’t do without you guys so yeah, thanks!

Here’s to a horrendously torturous summer, but whatever will be will be.