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The Tilehurst End Podcast Episode 264: Season Review (It’s The Hope That Kills You)

It’s seventh-place and 70 points for the Royals in 2020-21, and TTE Podcast reviews how it all unfolded.

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The 2020-21 season did not begin with intrepid fans chuntering up the hill to the Madejski Stadium filled with the boisterous optimism of a new football season. Instead, we sat huddled around our laptops and televisions, desperate for an escape from the outside world. Cause for optimism was in short supply but Veljko Paunovic’s Reading FC delivered from the off, a ray of glorious sunshine from the dark clouds that hung over us all. Suddenly the fans had a team to adore, to enjoy, and to be proud of once again. All season long we tuned in, eager for another glimpse into our footballing dreamland. Alas, just as spring had sprung, Reading’s season died down into familiar, sullen, reality. What we are left with is not an exhilarating play-off period, or the ecstasy of a promotion parade, but the elegant calm of reflection, on a season that charmed, churned and captivated us, when we needed football the most.

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Show Order

Recap - 03:12

Mailbag - 48:54

Newsbites - 1:05:41

Big Match Preview - 1:10:54