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Coventry City Fans Verdict: Fans Fume At Late Defeat

Harry rounds up the general consensus amongst the Loyal Royals after Reading’s third defeat in four league games.

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Well, well, well. Where do we begin? Every time I think I’ve seen everything this football club has to offer, another chaotic Saturday afternoon incurs. It was just a bit of a mess of a performance to be honest, and one that understandably hasn't left the fans in a very good mood.

It was a game that largely followed the same process as the rest of our season so far. We looked bright enough going forward, but as a defensive unit, particularly in the second half, we looked stretched and vulnerable every time the Sky Blues went on the offensive - which unfortunately was constantly for about 40 minutes.

Yes Moore made a couple of really important blocks, and Rinomhota saved a certain goal with an interception at the back post - but my argument to that is why on earth does it have to be so last-ditch in the first place? We look all over the place at the moment and it's not good enough.

We got exactly what we deserved. The fact it was so late on doesn't even make me feel any worse because, in my mind, they were always going to score anyway. Here’s how the fans reacted...

The defending... again

We just look all over the place, don’t we? The signs were there from very early on as the hosts saw a free-headed chance put straight down Rafa’s throat, and it didn’t get hugely more impressive from then on out.

This isn’t just a rant at Morrison and Moore either (I actually thought they were *better* on Saturday - that doesn't mean I think they were good). Laurent and Rinomhota have been the foundations of this team since Pauno walked in, and both of them look well of it at the moment. They aren't giving the back four anywhere near the amount of protection they did last season.

It was summed up perfectly by the winning goal. Why on earth Liam Moore is appealing for offside there I will never know. It was a performance that frustrated the fans, who deserve better...


Boy I do not envy this man one bit at the moment. He’s only just, after a year of being in charge, been able to sign his first permanent player, he’s stuck in a complete limbo with the transfer situation and he’s now in the midst of potentially another injury crisis.

I think we need to remember those things before calling for his head, but even I will admit that there are some things that those three factors don’t have any bearing on. And, yes, he’s made a few mistakes already this season and is deservedly coming under some criticism.

But the answer is not to get rid of him in my opinion. We’re lucky he’s still here, he would’ve been well within his rights to walk away from this mess a long time ago. However, the opinion on Pauno among the fans is definitely beginning to split - and some of his more than questionable comments post match didn't help his case very much either...


Really not a good day at the office, at all. There are a huge amount of errors at the moment that need to be fixed, but I also think we need to have patience - which I completely understand is a difficult thing for us as fans to have.

We pay our hard-earned money to come and watch our team play, a club that means so much to all of us and we are all entitled to our own opinions. It is hard to be patient with things you are so emotionally invested in. But we are four games into the season.

There is a huge amount of time left in this campaign, and I have complete trust in Paunovic to turn things around. It’s not just him, either. The players need to have a look at themselves too. Collectively, as a defensive unit, we look vulnerable whenever we get attacked at. We look weak in all honesty.

I’m just praying that we manage to get some faces in this week before the game up in Huddersfield, which, for the mindset of the players and the fans if not for league position, is starting to look like a must-win already.