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Huddersfield Fans Verdict: Royals Capitulate in Yorkshire

Here’s how the fans reacted to Saturday’s horror show at the John Smiths Stadium. Warning: It’s not pretty reading.

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Well, I can't say a lot more in this little intro that hasn’t already been said by fans across social media on Saturday. It was embarrassing from start to finish. Utterly, utterly embarrassing.

It just got progressively worse from the first whistle all the way until the last kick of the game. Going forward, it was an absolute nothing performance, with Reading only producing one shot on target - which I can’t actually recall while sitting here typing this. And defensively it was just a shambles. A horror show.

We’ve seen some bad performances under Pauno, but I think this one tops the lot. It was weak, spineless and pathetic. There aren’t enough negative adjectives in dictionary to describe the performance, to be honest.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered after that shambolic 90 minutes, the problem is that they can only be answered on the pitch. And now we’ve got a two-week wait until our next league game. But, Saturday’s showing needs to be rectified. Immediately.

The talking points were, once again, the horror defending and the increasing pressure on Pauno’s shoulders...

The defending

We’ve now conceded the most goals so far this season out of all 92 teams. And, if you didn't think the defending could get any worse after Coventry’s winner last Saturday, all four against Huddersfield were just as bad, some even worse.

The first was just schoolboy defending; the second ANOTHER set piece; the third was the weakest I’ve ever seen Liam Moore in a challenge, and the fourth, well, the less said about that disaster, the better.

Morrison and Moore in particular need to take a huge look at themselves. Particularly the skipper, who looks a shadow of the defender we all know he can be.

We honestly look like conceding every time we get attacked by any team - which isn’t a good trait to carry for much longer than you have too. It’s need sorting, and the fans have pretty much had enough of it...

Pauno’s future

This is a big talking point right now amongst the Reading fans. I wrote a piece just last week about how I feel Pauno deserves a bit of a patience due to external factors that have affected his capabilities that are beyond his control. My personal opinion on this still hasn’t changed.

What Pauno has done now though is put huge pressure on himself to conjure up some results after the international break, when we will have some more signings and one or two returning from injuries.

If we’re in the same position come the start of the next international break, there will be some serious questions marks over the future of Pauno as manager - as if there aren’t already enough.

The opinion amongst the fans on this one is still split, but the PaunoOut crowd is growing larger and larger by the game...


Embarrassing. Spineless. Weak. Pathetic. Everything you don’t want to associate with your club, and things that I thought were a thing of the past. Saturday was a harrowing throwback to times I thought had long gone. The Clement days, the late Jaap Stam days.

But I also don’t think Pauno deserves to go. He hasn’t got the tools to do his job properly at the moment and should be judged after the next four or five games in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean I think he’s blameless, of course he should be held accountable for Saturday’s performance. As should his players.

They need to sort whatever in hell this mess is out right now. We deserve better as fans, and we know how toxic the atmosphere can get around the club when results keep getting worse and worse, and no one wants that.