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Kidderminster Harriers Fans Verdict: Royals Hit Rock Bottom

As you can imagine, the fans were rightly fuming on social media on Saturday evening - Harry rounds up the reaction.

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Simply put, Saturday was the worst day I can remember as a Reading fan - and let’s be honest, there’s been some bad ones. I’ve currently got Covid so couldn’t be at the game, but I too felt the anger and sadness that every one in the away end felt.

It was a day that brought to light all the fundamental problems at our club once again. The problem is much, much bigger than Saturday’s loss, and it runs a lot deeper into the club than the manager.

The club is rotten from top to bottom, with the wrong people employed in all the wrong positions. No vision, no identity and, quite frankly, no idea. It is a far cry from the football club we had this time 10 years ago.

Here’s how the fans reacted to Saturday’s loss. It is not pretty reading...

Felipe Araruna

I’m going to start with the one part of Saturday’s 90 minutes that can only be put down to downright bad luck. On Monday, Araruna made his return from a horrendously long time out injured, only to find himself back on the stretcher somewhat six minutes after coming on against Kiddy.

Whether you rate Felipe as a player or not, on a purely human level you have to feel sorry for the bloke. I doubt he’ll be upset about the result in all honesty, and who can blame him? He’s been dealt the worst hand imaginable.

The fans didn’t have sympathy for much after the game, but they did find some for the. Brazilian.

The performance

I’m afraid that’s where the sympathy started and ended from the fans. What came next from them was an outpour of a concoction of negative emotions. Anger, embarrassment, frustration, sadness; you name it, the fans felt it.

Puscas’ goal papered over cracks. From what I can see the first-half performance was just as bad as the second-half performance, only in the second half we got deservedly punished.

It was just embarrassing from start to finish. Horrendously bad. The lowest of lows. And the fans were fuming...


I have been an avid supporter of Pauno, arguably more than most. However, it’s surely now reached a point of no return. It would take a miracle for Pauno to win the fans back round now, an absolute miracle.

If Pauno doesn’t go now, it could get even more toxic very quickly. I’m afraid to say he just has to go. I will take no joy from it if he does, but it’s the logical thing to do. If he stays in charge, the atmosphere will just get even worse.

I think it’s fair to say the fanbase are now firmly in the ‘Pauno Out’ camp...


One of the lowest days in this club’s 150-year history. I’ve seen people say ‘something has to change’. I disagree. Everything has to change. The club is toxic to its core and for as long as it stays how it is right now, there is only one way we’re heading.

The fundamental issues that this club simply have to be addressed now. If Dai doesn’t want anymore of it, then sell the club and get someone in who does. We need clarity, communication and openness.

We cannot continue to be a club apparently virtually run by a super-agent and whose owner never speaks to anyone. We as fans do not deserve to have no answers. The club is a closed book at the moment.

It needs to be fixed. Now.