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Fulham Fans Verdict: Pathetic Royals Hit For Seven

Harry rounds up the reaction of the Loyal Royals as just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

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This is my first time properly looking back on the disaster that was Tuesday evening. I have no emotion running through me while typing this. No anger, no frustration. I’m still just a bit numb from it all. A bit apathetic about the whole situation still.

Saturday was the lowest point in the club’s 150-year history. Well, it was until Tuesday night when Fulham came to town. Surely, surely, anything would’ve been better than what we were subjected to against Kidderminster Harriers, right? Wrong.

The first half wasn’t that bad really. But two horrific errors from Josh Laurent and then Tom Holmes had us 2-0 down at the break. Then came the second half, and my God, it was the worst 45 minutes I’ve ever seen from this club. They threw in the towel, they gave up. That’s unforgivable.

Rather than picking out three key points to come from the game, this Fans Verdict is just a catalogue of the fans’ outpour of emotion. This is our club, and we’re watching it die in front of our eyes. So if anyone within the club happens to stumble across this article, something which is of course very unlikely, please read and take it in.

Above anything else, the fans are sad. Just upset that this is what’s happened to our club.

As you can tell, it’s a sad time to be a fan of this club. I, and many others I imagine, have never felt so disconnected to the club and never been as embarrassed to support it.

The Reading we all fell in love with prided itself on its community, connection with the fans, hard work, fight, spirit and playing for the badge - not the name on the back. We are so far away from that at the moment it’s ridiculous.

From top to bottom we are a shell of a club. No direction from the board and owners, no communication, no results on the pitch, no fight from the players. It’s disgusting to be honest with you.

On my drive back to the Midlands on Tuesday night I had BBC Berks on. To listen to Jem Karacan and Noel Hunt speaking about the club was bittersweet. A reminder of what we once were but also a realisation of where we are now.

Change is needed, immediately. This cannot continue.