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Huddersfield Town Fans Verdict: Better, But Still Not Good Enough

The fans had more to be happy about after Saturday’s game, but were still left ruing another loss.

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The classic “we’ve got to take the positives” is probably the cliche in football that annoys me the most. 99.9% of the time it comes after a loss, so finding positives can be very difficult.

In the heat of the moment after the defeat, I couldn't care less if our performance was better than it has been. A) it’s not hard to improve on what we’ve endured recently and B) we still came away from the game with a grand total of 0 points.

However, having had time to calm down, as much as I hate the saying, we do have to take the positives. We’ve been in such a rut recently that anything we can be positive about we have to be, or else we’ll just stay in the miserable state we’ve been in recently.

Acknowledging improvements and still being annoyed at losing the game are not mutually exclusive. And, as you’d expect, a rollercoaster of a game led to a rollercoaster of emotions from the fans. Here’s how they reacted to a crazy game...

Puscas and Joao

These two were the big shining lights to come from the game in my opinion, particularly in the first half. Both of them got on the scoresheet and looked a real handful in the first 45 minutes.

Joao showed how much we’ve missed him (spoiler alert: a lot) and Puski put in arguably his best all-round performance in a Reading shirt. The Romanian made himself a nuisance all afternoon and showed all the commitment and fight that we’ve been craving to see in recent weeks.

The fans were certainly happy to see Lucas back and were impressed by Puscas...

The improvements

I know that we lost again, trust me it frustrates every fan that we have just as much. But if we continue to only focus on the result then we will never get out the situation we’re in. The whole club - fans, manager, players - have to taken positives where we can and build on them.

There were definitely improvements on Saturday afternoon. I mean, we scored three goals, which is as many as we managed in the entirety of 2021 before Saturday. We managed to get some key players back in the minutes, and in other games going 2-1, then 3-2 down would’ve been game over for us but we managed to come back twice.

It’s all in vain I know, but there were fans who managed to see some improvements...

The negatives

So we’ve talked about the impressive Joao and Puscas, and the need to take some positives from the game, now we have to talk about yet more shambolic defending and another loss.

We’ve said this time and time and time and time again this season, but if you score three goals at home, there is no way you should be losing that football match. If you concede four goals at home, you deserve to lose the game - it’s as simple as that for me.

If we continue to be this open and make it this easy to score goals against us, there is only one way we’re heading and that’s down. It needs to be sorted and we need to start picking up wins, and the fans agree with me on that one...


Acknowledging improvements and still being frustrated at another defeat are not mutually exclusive, you can do both.

There were improvements, of course there were, everyone should be able to see that and the players need every positive they can get at the moment. We just need something to be able to build on.

However, it was the same old at the back. And you’re never going to win football matches defending the way we did on Saturday, it was awful, particularly in the first half. It doesn’t matter how good you are going forward if you’re that open at the back.