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QPR Fans Verdict: Déjà Vu For Reading

Harry rounds up the reaction from the Loyal Royals after another humiliating loss.

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I’m running out of words to vent my anger. I really, really am. What we are having to witness on a weekly basis at the moment is nothing short of humiliating and embarrassing. The utter capitulation in that first half was as disgusting as it was predictable.

I watched the Derby County game on Sunday afternoon. We all are familiar with their situation: off the pitch and in the boardroom it’s even worse than ours. However, on the pitch, they are showing 100 times the fight, aggression and desire that we are.

They are a club who look like they want to stay in the league. Rooney has just turned down the offer of being interviewed for the manager’s job at his boyhood club! That’s how together Derby are.

We couldn't be further from that. The disconnect surrounding the whole club is rank, and Saturday’s performance summed that up once again. Here’s how the fans reacted to the key talking points which, as is the case all the time at the moment, were the performance and Paunovic...

The performance

Again, I'm running out of words. I wasn’t at the game (fortunately), but as I saw the score coming through on my phone, first 1-0, then 2-0 then 3-0, it didn’t even register with as any kind of shock. It’s so predictable. Once we concede, the ref may as well end the game there and then.

The longer this goes on the more likely we’re ending up in League One. We’ve flirted with relegation a few times in recent seasons, but I’ve always been confident there are three worse teams than us in the league, which has turned out to be the case. This season is different, we are abysmal at the moment, and the fans agree with me on that...


I don’t usually like calling for managers to lose their job, but he has to go. He simply has to go. I have only just mustered up the courage to watch his post-match interview with the club and, honestly, it’s one of the worst I’ve seen from a Reading manager.

To stand there and effectively say “Apart from the four goals we were actually alright” is wrong on so many levels. At the moment, with him in charge, there is one way we are going. This is the lowest I’ve ever felt as a Reading fan and he says things like that in an interview?

Beyond the utterly inept performances on the pitch, it’s the complete lack of accountability which grinds my gears. I get he's been dealt a bad hand with injuries, but he must know something we don’t if he thinks Tom McIntyre and Yakou Meite are going to be the answers to all these problems.

He has completely lost the fans now, and there is just shock and bemusement for how he’s still the manager...


Just disgusted, to be honest with you. We are an easy three points at the moment, we concede goals like it’s going out of fashion, we couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo, we have no fight, no commitment, no desire, our heads drop whenever we concede, our manager comes out after a 4-0 loss and does an interview like that and all the while our owner stays nice and silent wherever he may be. Need I go on?

Change is needed more than ever right now because we are on a road to disaster. Utter, utter disaster.